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MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale !!!! Save the Date

macKenzie childs barn sale


The long awaited announcement is out, and much earlier than normal.  Yes the huge!!!!! Barn Sale is set for July 16-19, 2015.  In the past, everyone at MacKenzie-Childs was very close lipped until right before the date.  No excuses this year for not attending … you have over 3 weeks to plan and prepare.  Come early and call for reservations now, as rooms in the area fill up quickly.  You might want to check out some of the B&B’s in the area and maybe even some of the lakeside rentals.

This sale is attended by followers from all over the world, literally.  Every year at this time, my phone starts to ring and it mixed between real estate clients looking to buy or sell, or it is the proverbial question “Do you know when the Barn Sale is?  I just have to go.”  So there you have it.  You now know the ball is in your court.  Hey you may even see me this year,  I have avoided the sale for the last few years.  Well not really avoided, but had client appointments.

While you are here, how about looking at some great vacation properties?  If you own a vacation home in the area, you will always have a place to stay for the sale.  Plus you will have another reason to pick up more “goodies” at the Barn Sale.

Bring your wallets and shopping savvy…there will be some great buys !


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5 Must Do Road Trips According to Yahoo…


Mary St.George -Seneca Lake Home For Sale

Mary St.George -Seneca Lake Home For Sale

It seems like every other week the Finger Lakes area makes it on one list or another for top 10, for best of, or a combination of headlines.  The area is known for so many great things.

  • Wineries/wine
  • Craft beers
  • Beautiful clean and clear lakes
  • Farm to table dining
  • Museums
  • Historic figures that were responsible for Women’s Rights and the end of the slave trade.
  • The birthplace of Memorial Day
  • A roadway and canal system that have their own history
  • Quaint villages and towns
  • Antiques
  • Grand Prix Racing at Watkins Glen
  • Corning Glass and other major corporations were founded in this area

So it was no surprise to see that Yahoo had the Finger Lakes listed as a must do road trip.  There really is so much to see and do in this area.  Many people that come from outside the area are surprised to see that the entire state is not made up of skyscrapers.

If you would like more information on the housing market and or lakefront properties, contact Mary St.George for your real estate needs and she may even encourage you to either invest in the area or purchase a wonderful vacation home.  She will even suggest her favorite spots to visit and dine at.SAM_7754

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Snug Harbor and The Viking Closed for the Season


snug harbor

Just as things are starting to warm up for  the upcoming season on Keuka Lake and the new hotel almost complete, we receive the very disappointing and sad news that two landmark places on Keuka Lake will not be opening.


Snug Harbor had been closed for a few years and finally reopened a few years ago under the experienced management team of the Bates family.  Lakers and visitors began to flock back and were really enjoying the place with it’s new ambience.  Dock slips were rented out to those looking for a place to moor their boats and everything seemed to be going quite well.  Then we had a very long cold winter,  Apparently the pipes and the water system took a big hit and the family just could not tend to the repairs and plan for an opening.  We will miss them and will be keeping our fingers crossed that someone will come in and save the day.


Then just this past week, we were told that The Viking would not be opening.  The Viking has been offering lakeside cabin and motel rooms to visitors of Keuka Lake for years.  It was a very economical way to spend time on the lake.  There is a larger entry gate off of the main East Lake Rd and down by the water there were covered boat hoists and boats with the familiar Viking tops.

Both of these businesses will be dearly missed, but if you are planning to visit the area, there are many other restaurants and places to stay.

If you think you may want to stay for a much longer amount of time, then give me a call and we can talk about investing in lakefront properties.



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The Magical Appeal of Keuka Lake


There are pages on Facebook for everything and most likely every lake. And there are several pages for Keuka Lake.  The one that seems to be the most popular is ” I ♥ Keuka Lake”   Many of the posts talk about longing to get back to the lake.  People follow the current weather conditions, look at pictures as the seasons change and talk about the cottages they have been brought up in and could never leave.  There seems to be something very magical about Keuka Lake.

snug harbor

Is it the friendly faces?  Or is it the quaint little villages and hamlets that surround the lake?  Maybe it is the natural charm of it’s setting, surrounded by a landscape dotted with trees, vineyards and rolling hills of hay.  It could be the casual settings of the various lakeside restaurants where you can visit via boat or car.  Is there something in the air or maybe it all starts in the water.  There is something that captivates folks and maybe it is just a combination of everything that is and surrounds the lake.


Many love to come here because once here, they are compelled to slow down and relax.  Yes, you can still get internet service and cable around the lake, but most seem to forget all about it and just concentrate on being happy and enjoying the lake.  It is easy to do with so many restaurants serving locally produced goods, wineries uncorking enough blends to satisfy every palate and even craft breweries with enough choices that will have you bringing home a growler of your favorite.


The “lakers”, those that have a place on the lake or live on the lake refer to it as the “Keuka Lifestyle”.  When the lakers come back, you can find them in the local deli on the east side, The Olney Place ordering a fresh sandwich and checking the condition of the docks after the winter ice or find them at the Trading Post enjoying an early to mid day breakfast talking with their summer friends.

fireflies in jar

I am always looking to find what that magical ingredient is, so when you come to visit or stay, I will be looking for your answer to the magical appeal.  Maybe it is just sitting by a relaxing and warming fire by the lakeside after a day in the sun, and watching the fireflies dancing against the black of the night.

Of course if you come to visit and decide to stay, you know to contact the most engaging lakefront Realtor® on the lake to purchase your magical place on the lake… just call me.


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