You Blog, I Blog, We All Blog…

Blogging, so what is it and why has it become so popular? Everyone seems to be blogging these days especially those that share the same affinity as myself, realtors. Through this medium realtors can update and inform potential and current clients.

When I first heard the term blog, I thought “Oh my gosh, what am I missing now?” Then I saw on a television show that some mountain climber was keeping a daily blog of his adventure. OK, so now I know – it is a form of electronic journal put on the Internet so interested parties can keep up with the person. Actually this is just one purpose of a blog. Blogs can also be used to update and offer information about various topics. Some sites offer their blogs as a type of personal newsletter.

We bloggers can even make the articles interesting by inserting hyperlinks, photos and even videos. The task is to make the presentations both eye catching and interesting, by offering the best of what the web has to offer. It can be in the form of gadgets and widgets, RSS feeds and youtube, or charts and graphics. These are packaged into small packets that can easily be downloaded into various items such as websites, IPods and cell phones.

Real estate agents can show live videos of neighborhoods in their blogs, including the restaurants and parks in the area of the homes they are selling. Just writing about a place can make the area more intriguing to the reader and potential buyer.

The next time you hear about someone blogging, check it out. It may be more interesting than what you originally thought. It may even induce you into buying a piece of real estate…

  1. Deb

    I thought the same thing when I first heard the word “blog”

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