Resort Properties Going Green – You Bet !

With all the hype about global warming, everything seems to be going green, including travel resorts and homes being built in resort destinations.  Ecotourism  has become the new buzzword in the global world of tourism.    Many luxury resorts are staying on top of this trend by building sites that utilize less energy through the means of solar panels and wind, putting a greater emphasis on recycling and using materials native to the area.

Restaurants in these areas try to maintain their menus on the local foods from the area.   It may mean buying organic goods grown locally, purchasing meats locally that do not use additives in the feed and are free range.  These animals are allowed to feed in the pastures instead of being on a controlled regiment of diet and nutrition to maximize size as most farms are currently run.  Vegetables are picked fresh without pesticides and dishes are developed to emphasize the local crops.

There are many ways to be “green”  and the same  applies to Eco-tourism.  There are many sites to view all offering different amenities.

The link above takes you to the International Ecotourism Society  where you can link to all types of information.  This comes in the form of education, business, training, membership and several other links.

Or go to to find the a luxury resort any where in the worldIt’s A Green Green World Location Map that will cater to your green desires. You can rent a cottage in France for 46 pounds per night, a beach house in the Caymans for $180 dollar per night or even stay the night in Madagascar for $210 dollars per night. Just like any type of destination you seek, the price is determined on thee location and personal service offered.

New locations of Eco-Resorts are opening up to fill the growing demand of the consumers.  So if Green is for you or a subject you would like to learn more about, there are hundreds of sites to visit online and thousands of places to visit, it’s your choice

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