Is Your Picture Really Worth A Thousand Words?

As Real Estate Agents, we became used to everyone handing you a business card with their picture on it, but did we really need to see all of the faces on those cards?  Well, maybe…just to remember who it was we networked with or worked on a deal with.  But come on now,  we see agents faces on “everything”.  They are on sign riders, blogs and everything in between. Quite the overkill I would say.  Could it just be the sign of the times, where we all just become so vain, that it is us, the individuals that want to see our face out there? 

There are times when I am glad I have a photo to refer to, but it is less times than more.

What if everything we purchased came with a persons photo on it?  A can of corn that included the machinist best photo or a sofa with the upholsterer’s best candid shot, where will it stop?  Or how about the agents that use photos from twenty years ago and then you get to meet them in person?  You look at them and think, you set the meeting up with the wrong person.

Yes, there is a place for our ugly mugs, but it does not include “everywhere”.  How about a nice shot of your local area? or maybe an interesting graphic or logo to pique the interest of the viewer.  This maybe just my personal preference, but I don’t feel comfortable with my photo on everything and I really get tired of seeing the same pictures over and over. 

There are many Realtors out there that are quite successful, that do not use their personal pictures on all the media they create.  Here in the Finger Lakes, lets promote the area views and not ourselves.  I welcome all agents comments and I am posting this for that purpose since I see humor in the subject.

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