Is Your Home “For Sale” Ready?

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell


You are going to be moving, be it two months or six, you will still have to prepare.  Get a jump-start on the whole process. This is also going to assist you in the selling of your home.   Remember all of those closets, cupboards and drawers you have meant to go through and organize?  Well, right now is the time to do it.  This will give prospective buyers a clean slate to look at (remember that buyers will be opening cupboards and closets) and you will be a couple of steps ahead on your future move


Start with your closets.

1. Pack up a container of items you can donate.  You know, those items that you have thought about using, but have not in over a year – get rid of them.   Donate those items to a local charity and use it as a deduction on your taxes in the following year.  Keep good records – see form 8283 for non-cash charitible donations or visit the IRS website for more information.



2. Pack all of your out of season items and mark accordingly.  When you arrive at your new residence, you will be able to identify, allowing you to unpack and put away in its new location.


Now the only things left in your closets will be items you currently wear and use.  And look how neat and clean everything looks!  Do the same thing with drawers and cupboards.  Dishes and utensils used for special events and holidays can all be packed away and marked.  Any item you feel you don’t need, again – donate it.  You can also receive credit for household items you donate.

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