What Does Your Lakefront Home Look Like?

What a question

but ask 50 people and you will receive 50 very different descriptive versions.And of course the options are endless.  There are bungalows, cape cods, Victorians, traditional, fishing shacks, yurts and mixtures of all above that are available. Just like the various styles available, the price ranges are all over the map.

Sometimes I have to chuckle to myself when I first work with a buyer.  Many start out just looking to see what is available and in what price ranges, with some not even sure what their price range is.   Others are very specific about price and have an image in their heads, but are not quite able to describe that image. Better yet, some are not even sure about which lake they would like to be on. Of course, as buyers that is their choice.

 On the Finger Lakes you can find just about anything you are looking for.  The problems arise when the price and the style are not agreeable, property is too flat, too steep, not enough land, too much land, water is too shallow or too deep.  These are just options on the outside. Move inside and buyers have to decide on knotty pine, drywall, stone or marble, the cottage feel with painted floors or imported hardwoods.  Maybe there are just too many options.  Still there will be clients and for one reason or another, the lakefront home they imagine, is just not out there for them, or at least not one for sale.


 So if you are looking for a lakefront property under $200,000 and willing to live with the options being a fixer upper or fishing camp, there is a place for you.  If the 6000 sq ft estate is more your style and you won’t sneeze at the  2.5 million asking price, there are options for you also.

What ever you envision your lakefront home to be, there most assuredly is one out there for you.  Call me, I will find it for you.


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