Lakefront Changes on Keuka Lake

As in most areas, there are usually landmarks that just seem to have been there forever.  The same holds true for Keuka Lake  in the Finger Lakes.  There was once a little (and I mean little) store on the East side of Keuka Lake called “Froggys“.  You knew you were there because it had a huge green frog outside of the store. Everyone knew what you were talking about when you said Froggys, and just as important, they knew what area of the lake you were referring to.  The place was sold and the frog became history.  Towards the end of its existence,  the old store had become one of those places that made you question whether it was even open. You know, something you would see in the movies.

Along came a young forward thinking man that decided to tear the old place down, build a new, larger, cleaner and more updated facility, and offer a deli. Since this stretch of road covers around 20 miles from Penn Yan to Hammondsport without any other stores, I see this as a wise decision to rebuild.  The name of the new facility is “The Olney Place” on Keuka, Market and Deli. The best part about it for the owner, is that it is opened seasonally allowing him to pursue other interests during the winter months when most lakefront properties sit empty.

Once Spring arrives, so do the lakefront owners.  I am sure they will all be meeting at Olneys, grabbing a fresh cup of coffee or maybe even the sandwich “Special of the Day”, and then discussing everything they missed during the winter. The area will be bustling.

As someone that has brought clients there for a quick lunch and a nice cold drink between home viewings, I can tell you first hand, they do have great food there.  The selection of sandwiches will make you hungry, even if you thought you were not.  The store is clean and has a great selection of items for your lakeside needs.

So when you are driving around the lake this summer, or you are stopping by your lakefront home, stop into Olneys, pick up something cold to drink, grab a sandwich and then tell Seth that Mary sent you.The New Olneys

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  1. vernell sonner

    Froggy’s used to be Kenyon’s are there any pictures out there of that store. would really like to see them.

  2. Mad Dog

    That was a great place for bait….but I still remember (mid 1990s)that the ol’ lady in there was a real grouch. I will stop in the new joint and I hope they have crawlers, crabs, and sawbellies Mad Dog

  3. Bob Colucci

    As kids, it was always an adventure to walk the 1/4 mile to “Kenyon’s” for fireballs and lolls or a fudgsicle. A few times, my sister and I rowed our way there. Between ownership by the Kenyon’s and “Froggy’s”, a burley ex-marine by the name of Charles Brown owned it. I worked for “Charlie’s Mart” for the summer of 1980. It was my first job with tax & FICA withholding! On my first day of work, at like 7:30, he shows me around to the shed on the north side of the store and pulls a styrofoam tray out of an old refrigerator. It weighed about 4 lbs and was full of night crawlers in shredded paper. He said, “Put a dozen in the small containers and 25 in the large ones”. I gulped silently and dug in! I pumped gas both up on 54 and at the dock, stocked shelves and coolers, mopped floors, mowers the lawn and bagged ice from a machine in the cellar. It was a family business then too and I was grateful for the experience to work with them. Seth Olney is a top-notch proprietor and it makes me happy to know his store is part of the Keuka experience for a new generation.

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