Are Property Taxes Putting You Over The Edge ?

Are you upset over your recent property assessment ?  You are not alone.  With municipalities strapped for cash ( not enough revenues to cover their expenses ), they are raising assessments to increase property tax revenues.  There is not a person that I have met, that is happy about their assessment or their tax rate going up.  Don’t let your assessment put you on edge. So what is a reasonable person to do?Property taxes

First start by contacting your local assessor immediately, not next week or next month,  immediately !  Set up an appointment.

Contact your favorite Realtor and ask them to run a comparative analysis on your home with recent sales.  In most areas it will show the market value as declining still or staying stagnant.

Get involved with Town meetings, especially when they are discussing their budget.  You would be surprised at how many legislators or council people that feel it is OK to increase taxes.  Their response to me has been ” I do not see anyone showing up to complain, and if they were concerned, they would show up.”  Ignorance is not bliss, at least when it comes to your pockets, so get involved and find out the basis for your taxes.

If the assessor is not able to satisfy your request, you have the opportunity to meet with the Grievance Assessment Review Board, the last week of May.  This can only be done only after your original request was denied in lowering your assessment.Property taxes

If the GAR does not satisfy your request, you still have another avenue.  You can file a claim in Small Claims Court.  Yes, that is correct, you read that statement correctly, you can file a claim.  The surprising, well maybe not so surprising thing, is that the judges usually find in favor of the claimant.

 And yes, if you are able to reduce your assessment, it does affect the overall tax rolls in your community.  However, if enough property owners come forth and disclose their displeasure in the tariff being levied on them, the local governments will be forced to become more accountable for their expenditures.

New York State information for filing claim against your assessment.

Information brought to you by your favorite lakefront realtor, Mary St George

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