First Impressions – Good or Bad ?

A great presentation !
A great presentation !

 When a buyer walks into a property, they immediately start to absorb what they see.  After all, this may be their next home.   They will see all of the things they normally do not notice in their own homes.  And they will see the things that they would never see in their homes.  Some buyers are a combination of both.  This may include the trim piece you forgot to replace, the burn mark on the counter or the large scuff mark in the floor. These are items that many of us just get used to seeing everyday.  But believe me buyers notice.

A first impression is a lasting impression and one that is almost impossible to erase.  So make it the best.  There are no re-takes as in the movies.  When a buyer walks into your house, make sure they see sparkling counter tops, refrigerators that are void of any pictures or notes ( and no fingerprints), no loose animals or on the counters ( in fact try to arrange for them to be off the premises – it is hard to concentrate on a property when a dog is barking at you from a crate ), vacuumed carpets and floors that have been washed,  The bathrooms should not have toothpaste and hair care items spread out on the counter.  Beds should be made up and closets arranged.  Extra items not used should be packed into containers and stored neatly in closets, garages, or attics. 

You have loved your home and loved living in it, but now it is time to think of your home as a place you are staying in like a hotel, until you are in your “new home”.

If  you as the seller prepared everything properly for the sale, the rooms are freshly painted where needed, missing or damaged trim work is fixed, painted or replaced, extra furniture and pictures have been moved out and all religious items placed away.  Outdated fixtures should be changed out, windows washed and curtains cleaned.

Too dark, busy and cluttered

Too dark, busy and cluttered

If possible, ask your agent to take you into some comparable homes or visit a few open houses to see how they have prepared their property for sale noting both the good and bad points.  This will assist you in how you stage your home for sale.


Even when a buyer can get past the issues, the home inspector will pick up on them and when all of these little issues get recorded in their reports with maybe a real concern, the buyer becomes overwhelmed.

This can cause the buyer to withraw their offer or request a large reduction in the price. 

To obtain everything you can for your home, do your homework, sit down with your realtor before listing your property, go through an action list and follow it.  It will make the process go much smoother and the buyer will feel more confident purchasing your home.  After all, you did want to sell your home – right ?


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    Good article on first impressions.

  2. marystgeorge

    Steve, I am sorry that I never responded to you. Thank you for the kudos on my site. Hopefully you brought back some real estate infor from your little trips.

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