“The” John Travolta House

It is always interesting how a house receives a “name”.  Of course it is usually do to the fact a famous person either built or lived in the home. Sometimes it is a descriptive view of the home, such as the White House.   In the village where I live, there was a home known as the  “Pink House”.  Why?  Well, it was painted various shades of pink.  Some folks still refer to it as the pink house, even though it is no longer pink.

The house that John Travolta did not buy

The house that John Travolta did not buy

Another home in my area has received a lot of notoriety.  It is up for sale and it is a lavish lake home that was built for entertaining.  Many of my clients tell me they went by the home on their boat.  It is the Travolta house.  The owner’s name is not Travolta, in fact it is more of an ordinary name; Simmons.  No one ever lived in the home with the name of Travolta, nor has anyone stayed at the home with the infamous last name.  And it is still for sale .  So why do people refer to it as the “Travolta House” ? 

Let the story or stories begin.

Sometime last year a rumor started, stating that John Travolta was purchasing the home.  Of course all of the local news reporters jumped right on the story.  The problem is that nobody could confirm anything about the rumor.  Supposedly John flew into the Penn Yan Airport with some assistants.  Airport employees never saw or heard of him coming in.  Another rumor stated that John had a representative come look at the home and put an offer in.  The listing agent could not verify that information.  Another story stated that Kelly wanted to have their latest child born there, because Keuka Lake has such a calming effect.  Well, we all know she did not have her baby anywhere near Keuka Lake.john travolta pilot

Because this rumor was so pervasive, and every time you thought it was dropped, new story lines were added and soon partially dismissed, people have come to believe that John Travolta was here and really intended to purchase the multi-million dollar home. And why should they not ?  Many of the major news networks and local networks carried information stating he did buy the house.  AOL had it on their news site, even though you could not find a story, just a headline. Even April 2011 brought more news stories about the impending purchase that never happened to the forefront in a funny April Fools article.  Yes, some people even believed the article.

One vacation home owner that rents their property out for Summer rentals used the rumor in their ad description

My clients still ask me if I have seen him yet coming or going to “his” lakefront home.  People still drive by and boat by the home, hoping for a glimpse of this icon and his wife Kelly Preston.

If you are interested in purchasing the “Travolta House”, just give me a call for this or similar home on Keuka Lake.

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Wine Trail Properties – Your Personal Connection to Lakefront Living in the Finger Lakes


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