How To Keep Your Vacation Home From Becoming a Crash Pad

Your Lakefront Friends ?
Your Lakefront Friends ?


 Each time I sell a vacation lakefront home, I remind the new owners of what I call the “honeymoon year”.  This is when you find out how many friends and relatives you have.  Usually when you make the leap to purchase that long-awaited vacation home, you just have to tell the world about it and why not ?  You should be proud and happy of the fact you have become successful enough to purchase a second home, your new vacation home.  Well now all of your friends and relatives want to see this great place and enjoy it with you.  So the first year, you will be juggling friends and relatives and trying to find some time to enjoy your new place with just your immediate family.  

Yes, I know, some of you have purchased your vacation home in the Finger Lakes to share with family and friends, but just be careful that they don’t attach themselves at the hip.  You really will want to spend some time to relax and unwind without the whole clan around 24/7.

Keuka Lake

Keuka Lake


So become prepared.  Be prepared to say no, be prepared to have a discount amount to charge family and friends to use your vacation home when you are not using it, be prepared to see that your place will not be left to you in the same way it was left for your friends. 

Sorry - No room at the lakehouse !
Sorry – No room at the lake house !

If you do decide to share your vacation home when you are not there, whether you will be charging or not, you should set up some ground rules.  You could do this by making a list, add a little humor to it, and then have it laminated.

For example:


This was just an example of the items you will want to address.  You may have other items to add and some to remove, but the important thing to do is, set the expectations right out of the gate. It will make your lake life more enjoyable and your guests will really appreciate you even more.

One more note: Don’t be afraid to ask your guests what they will be bringing for dinner if they are just visiting for the day.  If they are not sure what to bring, then suggest something.  This will give you more time to enjoy your guests and most will be honored to bring something. 


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