Top Five Ways to Sell Your Neighbors Lakefront Home







But my neighbor’s is …..

This is what you are ultimately saying when you end up selling your neighbor’s house.  What am I talking about ?  Well, there are some sellers, that you could swear are trying to sell their neighbor’s house. How do they achieve this goal ?  Read on…

  1. Price your home way above what the market is offering, usually listed above your neighbors listing price
  2. Let your cats lounge around the counters and neglect to change the litter box.  If they are animal lovers, they will understand
  3. Forget about curb appeal.  If they really want your house, they will take it like it is.  After all, they can do what they want with it after they buy it
  4. Don’t make it convenient for buyers to view.  You have a life and if they really want to see your house, well they will just have to work around your schedule
  5. Don’t keep up with maintenance issues, buyers will only want to change things anyway

Sellers will come to you and explain that they really want to sell their home, they want to move to another area or the home is not the right size for them anymore.   So as a great realtor you go over a buyers expectations, and they stop you with their expectations.,  After all, you are such a great realtor, you should be able to sell the property like it is, for the best price.  Well no…it does not work like that. 

You want to take some nice pictures so that buyers will want to view the property.  The home owner says  “Go ahead and take some pictures, I have all of the kids pictures up on the wall and my collections are out for display. ”  When you explain, the picture will be more inviting without the extras, well you know what happens. You have just put a wall up.

When you point out some items that should be addressed, they explain how busy they are. 

When you want to show the house on Saturday, well they have a big birthday party planned.

When you talk to them about the price being too high, they explain how a neighbor down the street sold her house for $20,000 more than what they are asking.  Even though that house was 20 yrs newer and had an additional bedroom and an updated kitchen and pool.

When you ask them to crate their cats and they explain the cats don’t like being crated.

When other houses in the neighborhood are selling and receiving offers and their isn’t and they are sure you are not doing your part as the realtor.

These are all items that make you wonder as a realtor if your clients really want to sell their home, because the ony thing they seem to be doing is,  selling the other houses in the neighborhood.


So if you really want to sell your lakefront home, call me and we will go over comparative listings and prices.  I will recommend items you will want to address before listing your home and I will suggest things to do so that I can take photos that will entice buyers and make your home feel like it could be theirs.


This information brought to you by your favorite waterfront Realtor, Mary St. George, Associate Broker., Wine Trail Properties, Your Personal Connection to Lakefront Living in the Finger Lakes, 315-719-8377

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