Top 5 Things to Look For In Your Lakefront Real Estate Agent

As I started on the path of putting this blog together, I remembered a YouTube that my friend and fellow Realtor, Jeremy Havens put together.  I have added that video to this blog and give Jeremy well deserved kudos for it.  We pretty much follow the same lines of reason when it comes to working with our clients.

When choosing a Realtor for your Lakefront/Waterfront  – keep the following things in mind:

  1. Find a Realtor that will listen to you and your needs.  You do not want a Realtor that will tell you what you need or want.  Yes sometimes, after conversations with clients, the priorities, needs and wants to present themselves differently.  This comes after allowing your Realtor to ask you numerous questions and listening to the answers you give.  For example;  What is your timeline ? What is your motivation ?    A great Realtor will ask lots of questions, so expect it.
  2. Communication – this is so important in most transactions and should be a priority when choosing an agent.  How will they communicate?  Will it be via fax, text, email or phone ?  You decide, you are hiring them.
  3. You want an agent that will give you lots of options when it comes to resources so that you can decide which attorney to hire, which lender to use or which home inspector will be the best for your needs.  Realtors should have many options available, if they don’t, then are they really serving your needs, or are they giving you names that will just close the deal ?  You want to make sure that your best interests are served.
  4. You want an agent that has experience with waterfront sales, or at least will be working with someone in their office that has.  I have seen more than one closing almost not happen because the watershed processes were not put into place as required by the specific towns. After talking to an agent and finding out more about them and how they do business, you will know if that agent feels good to you and if they will be a good fit.   It is much more than the agent working for the biggest and best company.  You will leave with a feeling that the agent is definitely working for you.  As Jeremy Havens says ” Trust your instincts.”
  5. Hire an agent that is not too big.  Why ?  Well if an agent is too big, will they really be able to work with you on a one to one basis ?  Will they be able to communicate with you as you expect ?  Will they have the time to work cooperatively with other agents as they should ?  Will they show you the properties that you want to see or the ones they want you to see because they have the listings ?  Will they be able to coordinate the showing of your property if they have to worry about showing their other 100 listings.   All agents sell properties and it just may be another agent that has the right buyer for your property at the price more acceptable to you. 

If the agent you are interviewing starts telling you that they are the only one that  can sell a property or that they are the only one with buyers, scratch them right off the list.  In this day of the internet and the ability for buyers and sellers to investigate prices and statistics as well as neighborhoods and schools, there are no agents that control the market.  The other important item to the equation is the multiple listing service and it’s guarantee that agents will work cooperatively with each other.

In another blog we will be talking about the importance of using a buyers agent and in almost all cases, it will cost you nothing.








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