Embarrassing Moment With A Surprising Ending

$2,000 “up in smoke”

We have all done embarrassing things in our lives, most we don’t tell anyone about, some are witnessed by others and become the basis of a good laugh and some even become lesson learned teachings.  I have actually spoken to the gentleman this tale is about.  He is bright, intellectual and a real people person.  I  contacted him because of the business he created in the Finger Lakes and his conversation led me to believe he was very passionate about his endeavor.

So what was the embarrassing moment?  Apparently he was heading out on a trip and realized he had some cash in the house and decided to hide it in the fireplace wrapped up in foil and then carefully placed within the ashes.  What a perfect place.  The problem is that when he came back home from his trip, there was a chill in the air and he decided to start a fire in the wood stove. Ouch !        mp_burning_money

The story now takes a turn.  Because he wrapped the money so carefully in aluminum foil, the money was actually in such a condition that it was legible to its denominations.  After a trip to the bank, he mailed the money to the Federal Reserve as directed, thinking it would be a lost cause.  But fortunately 18 months later he received a check for $1995.00 which was $5.00 less than the $2000.00 that had been wrapped in the foil. 

He should not feel alone.  My grandmother used to hide money in kleenex and tuck the tissue in her clothes.  When it came time to do laundry, she would forget about the money being tucked inside and toss the kleenex out.  Sometime she was fortunate and able to withdraw from the trash other times she would send the kleenex on its way in the toilet bowl and only realize what she had done as the water-soaked kleenex exposed the bills in hiding as they swirling down the bowl… Never to be seen again.

I must have picked up her habits of hiding things.  I used to hide money in my car under the rugs, but usually did not remember it until after I sold the car. I hide things so well, I can never find the items when I need them.   Needless to say, I am trying really hard not to hide things, as I have not been as fortunate as the man with the singed bills.

If you are planning on stashing away the money that will eventually be used for your down payment in purchasing your home, always remember where you are putting it and most definitely do not hide money in the fireplace.

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  1. James Bupp

    Hiding cash was very common for people who lived through the great depression. We seem to be returning to those days.

  2. marystgeorge

    James, that may not be such a bad thing in this current economic environment to hide your cash. I just have to remember where I hide it. 🙂

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