From Wine Lover to Winery Owner

There is a financial products company that makes a joke about the suggestion of buying a winery after retirement.  But you would be 28601_391854933164_184902678164_4201279_6358002_nsurprised with how many people dream about owning their own winery. People dream about everything.  Of course owning a winery and running it are huge responsibilities and definitely not as easy as it sounds. Like most businesses there are many other factors that come into place behind the scenes that keep everything running from growing the grapes, harvesting the grape, making the wine ( a very complex procedure ) to running a winery to serve the client, your consumer, the person that will keep you in or out of business based on all of the above.

Watch for upcoming articles for more information about where you go to learn how to run a winery.

The Finger Lakes area is the second largest wine-producing area in the United States.  Prices for land and for wineries are more affordable here than they are in the Napa Valley area of California.  This in itself is a huge draw to the winemaker or wine lover that wants to start their own business. In future blogs we will also supply you with a glossary of terms as they relate to Finger Lakes wineries.

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