Squirrely Real Estate Stories

I recently had a previous client call me to list her property.  So to start the ball rolling I took my broker to the home, we took some pictures and I put the listing together for the client to complete and return. The house was in great condition, clean and neat.   By the time I uploaded just 5 pictures, I received a phone call from another agent asking to show the property. “Great ”  I thought.   I called the seller to receive the updated door code and she said ” Great timing Mary, I was just getting ready to call you ” 

“Sure, what I can do for you?” I asked

“Well, one of the neighbors was walking by the house and said they saw a squirrel sitting on the kitchen table.”

“Really ! I have never run into this situation before.  someone really saw a squirrel on the table ? I will  stop by the house on my way back from another appointment. ” I added as I thought of the terrible things a little squirrel can do to a house.  I had a buyer that wanted to look at the house and I did not want a squirrel jumping down on a potential client or have them see the stuffing pulled out of a mattress and strewn all over the floor.

So I stopped by the house about three hours later, the sun had gone down and it was now dark.  The home was vacant and there were no lights on.  I unlocked the door and slid my hand to the right on the wall to find the light switch, turned the light on a proceeded to enter.  So far, so good.  Now I needed to turn on more lights and look into the kitchen.  I turned the kitchen lights on and did a quick look to find things looking normal.  I walked over to the table and realized if there was indeed a squirrel on the table, someone walking by could see it.  I then noticed some white foam pieces under the cabinets and it led to a very tiny pile of wood pieces.  I bent down to look closer and there was a hole chewed through on the kick plate.  So there has been a visitor.  Where is it now ?  Did it leave for good ?  Will it be back ?  Time to make some phone calls after I get out of the house.

I set things up with my significant other since he did own a Have A Heart trap to stop by the next morning with trap and a supply of peanuts for bait.

We arrive at the house the next morning, he sets the trap and I sweep up the bits on the floor.

“Kirk while we are here, we should probably look upstairs to make sure the little critter did not make a mess up there, or maybe worse that he did not take up residence upstairs ( my fear of seeing Mr Squirrel just having a ball and making a mess ) .”   I went up and headed left and Kirk went to the right side.  Just as I was about to yell out that it had been up there, Kirk screamed out #%$###& and yelled ” It just jumped by my face and headed downstairs ” He followed it down and it ran into the little hole in the kick plate.

Phew ! It could have been horrible if I had been there by myself investigating the little critter.  Not sure if I would have made it through the excitement.

Well, a few hours later, he fell for the bait and was stuck in the trap.  Kirk took him to a nice wooded area and let him loose.  ( many miles from the house ).

As coincidence goes, the clients I showed the house to, were actually the ones that saw the squirrel.  They had been visiting relatives a couple of homes away and were out for a walk.  They had taken extra notice of the house knowing it was now for sale.  They still looked at the house, liked it and put an offer in on it that was accepted.  They had known the previous owners and had always wanted this house, squirrel or no squirrel.

Now we are just waiting for everything to fall into place for the closing.   







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