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House number styles like everything else tend to run along trend lines.  Above is a sample of signs that are currently seen on many homes.  They give the feeling of formality and were found on very formal and upscale homes.  They have become much more affordable, hence their popularity.

There have been black letter periods, gold letter periods all with different font styles.  Some people like wood signs and others just like to have the numbers posted on their house. More interestingly are the folks that have their numbers put on their road side mailbox.  When there are several boxes or a group of them, it does become difficult to determine which house goes with which mailbox.  ( This I know from experience )

Also popular now are the little solar light boxes with interchangeable area for the house numbers.  The boxes light up nicely, but the numbers tend to either fall off or blow away.

You can go to places like the Home Depot to find a huge selection of styles and materials.  Before renumbering your home.  check with your local Town to see if they have any mandated standards for identifying and numbering homes in your area..  Many request that the numbers be a certain height and can be seen from the road.

Once you find out this information, you can determine what type of numbers you want, if you want them on a plaque or on the house, or maybe you wan to design your own.

Designing your own personal sign allows you to make it yours.  You decide on the materials, the font, the style, plaque or no plaque and even the material of the plaque.  Color is no object, it is based on your taste. You can use a slab of wood, an old metal dustpan or even a metal tray found in an antique shop for a couple of dollars.  Have fun and see what you come up with !

If you live on the lake, you could use a boat for the base of your design, or put your numbers on an old wooden oar. Use your creativity !

Just make it yours !













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