My Blog Resolution for 2012

A fellow blogger Geordie who sells real estate, in Washington State, wrote a blog about his New Years Resolutions.  In it he has a link to the subject about previewing listings.  Now I thought I was the only oddball realtor that looked at properties to get a better feel for them and could then suggest to certain clients.   I was excited that Geordie and another realtor regularly preview properties.  They preview properties for pretty much the same reasons that I do.

So I decided that this would be one of my goals, to preview more homes and critique them on my blog and support it with additional pictures.

I would also like to use more videos in my blogs.  As a certified trainer in my previous career, I understand the need to use various types of media in a presentation.  We are very visual people, we are.  So look for more interesting subjects and media usage.

Educating my clients is always in the back of my mind.  For that matter educating my fellow realtors sits high on my list as well.  Today I actually went over some of the items that I would like to address when it comes to realtors.  Some of these items came to mind because I found my self guilty or lacking depending on the item that I will be discussing.

If there is anything you would like to see me improve at, as it relates to real estate and my blog, please send me an email.  All suggestions and critiques are welcome.  I do have my big girl panties on…


Happy New Year and may it be a successful year for you !


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