Maple Syrup in the Hills


Because many folks that purchase properties from me are not familiar with the area, and actually there are some natives that miss out on some of the newer places, I like to talk a little about the new places. 

Wohlschlegel’s  is one of these places.  I had finished showing some properties and took the back roads home. I drove by a couple of metal signs with the name” Wohlschlegel” on them, saw one more and decided to follow the sign.  What was this Wohlschlegel’s ? I had never heard of them.

So Wohlschlegel’s makes maple syrup and other maple products.  You can see the huge evaporating machine used in the making of syrup,  located in the facility, a very nice new stainless steel monster, gleaming away.  The young lady that was working was very friendly and told me a little about the business as she stood there all bundled up.  She was cold, I was cold, but of course we were standing in a very large barn  located atop the Naples Hills.  With all of the bottles of maple syrup looking at me, I could only think of a nice warm stack of pancakes coated with butter and dripping with maple syrup. Yum…..

You can find Wohlschlegel’s at:

8064 Coates Rd

Naples NY  14512





Take a drive up to Wohlschlegel’s and prepare to savor the view as much as the maple syrup you will find inside.    There is nothing like fresh natural maple syrup, the “real” stuff !

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