Shipping Container Trends Part II

As a follow up to my most recent blog,  I googled “edgy” designs and ended up finding this Starbucks building.  It is located near Seattle, Washington and was just recently built.


It makes sense to see Starbucks try out this design style.  They have always been considered a “green” company.  Since shipping containers are made to be easily moved, Starbucks can easily move the location of this store.  The only thing that has me confused, is that they have a drive-up window.  I have never found drive up windows to be very “green” and find it healthier to get out of your car and move around if only for a few minutes . 

I am thinking this could cause havoc for some zoning boards, it could cause major stress, trying to figure out how to classify ….

Let’s see how this shipping container trend moves and if it does…



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