Great Italian Restaurant in Hammondsport

The reviews have been in, and they have all been great.  And I agree completely.



A friend of mine was with me while I went out to take some listing photos.  Hunger hit just as we were going through Hammondsport.  We thought about a burger, a barbecue meal and then noticed the Union Block Italian Bistro was open.  We looked at the menu from outside and decided ” Hey let’s go for a decent meal”,  after all we had missed lunch and I had been waiting to try the meals in this restaurant.  Many of my clients had raved about Union Block, told me all about their delicious meals and I just could not find the time.  So here I was inside ! 

We sat down and began a pleasant conversation with the server Nichole.  She brought me a nice warm and freshly brewed cup of coffee and my friend had a nice glass of  white wine, which I believe was a Pinot Grigio.  Now the menu, It appears simple and small, but….from the appetizers, such as the Antipasto Piatto, to the soups and salads, to  the entrees, we were enthralled.  Then came our server back with what seemed like an unending list of delectable sounding specials.  Oh my !

Our server explained that the Piatto comes with 1 each of 6 items and a salad.  It came made for 1 or 4.  We decided to order the Piatto which I dubbed an “Italian Pu Pu Platter” for two and split an order of the Macaroni and Cheese special, made with 4 cheeses, lobster and shrimp.  Before the meal came out, we received a warm basket of garlic and spice toast that melted in your mouth.  Between the bread and  the Antipasto Piatto platter would were pleasantly full.  Of course when the macaroni came, we had to try it.  It was creamy, the combination of the cheeses made it mouth-watering and the lobster and shrimp mixed in were like “the frosting on the cake”. 

We decided to have the mac packed up for later and decided to try the creme brulee with a fresh cup of coffee. What a pleasant and delectable end to a great meal.  The only downside for th Union Block, is that I am disappointed that I had not been there before.  Here we were in the middle of winter in a very seasonal town and the restaurant had a full house.  A great sign that the food is great.

I will be visiting again very soon and I am already thinking about my next selection !   Stop in and enjoy a great meal !


  1. Mary St. George

    Well I visited the Union Block Italian Bistro again, this tim bringing my significant other. This was his belated Valentine treat. I encouraged him to order the Piatto, so we did. He was not impressed. The first statement was the stuffed potato was cold and I am not sure if it was supposed to be served that way, but it was. Theb he moved onto the deviled egg and he said it was to mushy and it was. Then I told him the bread was delish, but it just did not tast as fresh as it did the last time I was there. The entree was a special and consisted of a stack of veal parm, chicken parm and eggplant parm, usually one of his favorites. He liked it much more than I did and we had plenty to take home for snacking the next day. I am wondering if things just did not seem as nice because we were sitting by the door. We did love the special and will be back at some time. It will have to be for a special event, since a dinner for two, th appetizer, two drinks, one glass of wine, a cup of coffee and one dessert took us back $100.00

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