The Amazing Shrinking House

I don’t know about you, but I grew up mostly in a typical four square home, with only one bathroom.  Yes, can you imagine only one bathroom in the house and having to go out into the hall first to get to the bathroom ?  And the bathroom was so small, at least in todays standards.  There were six children in our family and we made it work, but then again, we did not have any options.

In many homes now, the master suite is the same size or larger than our entire downstairs of our home.   The kitchens are large enough for an entire restaurant kitchen staff and then there are all of the rooms that never get used , the formal living room and dining room.

One builder in my area Morrell builders, now offers building plans without the formal dining room.  It reduces the cost of the home and most people are happy to be without it.

In Chicago there are developments being designed to be more creative with less space.  After all the more space, the more the cost and the more it cost for utilities.  People are realizing that they are having homes built with rooms they never use.

How about an office with a Murphy bed or day bed for guests?  Do we really need both a formal dining room and a formal living room.  Most families will most likely tell you that they do not use those rooms. And what about those showers that use 10’s of gallons of water.  What happened to conserving water.  When I am tired and stressed, there is nothing better than soaking in a nice bath of warm water.

So the next time you are out looking for the perfect house, think about how efficiently you can use the house.   When purchasing a lake home, think about sq ft a little more, because then you have the additional tax base.  Smart people like to spend their money wisely and I am just throwing in a few suggestions.


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