The First Ten Seconds To Sell Your Home

Yes, in the first ten seconds, buyers have decided if they are interested in the home.  After that, they are just passing time and maybe hoping something will change their mind.  Some buyers will tell their agent almost immediately when this happens with a short quip of  “I have seen enough.” This practice is not just limited residential buyers.  Lakefront buyers may actually start down the path to the home and make the decision not to look any further. 

What does this mean for the seller?  A seller could obtain a stopwatch and prepare themselves as a buyer.  Walk from your car and start the stopwatch at the door front.  As you walk through the door start looking at the house as someone who has never been there before.

Were the door handles smudged ?  Was paint chipping from the door frame ? Could you smell animals or smoke as you entered?  Did any cats or dogs that jump up on you as you entered?  What was the view looking in like ?  Did things look orderly and neat ? Were  religious or family pictures placed  all over ?

This may seem like a lot of questions, but this is just how much a buyer is presented with in those 10 seconds.  Now make a list of the things that need to be corrected. This will make a huge impact on the next showing. 

Now that you have th 10 seconds of issues taken care of, think about the rest of the house through a buyers eyes.  Remember the buyer sees things that we have become blind to.

The next time you think about selling your home, give me a call. I will assist you in preparing your home so that it will be  ready to list and then we can plan on a shorter listing period.


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