Attracting Luxury Lakefront Buyers or Not…

The idea for this post came quite easily after attempting to find listings in the Finger Lakes area that represented the best of the best.  First I sorted through the listings based on price and slowly went through each listing, looking at all of the listing photos just as a buyer would do.  Wow ! Was I disappointed ?  Sellers and their agents should open up a couple of home magazines or look at some websites such as that show homes in their best light.

 I was completely disappointed with the photos I found, admitting that many were better than what I was used to seeing just a couple of years ago but still quite bad.

With the potential of sizable commissions on the sale of these magnificent high-end lake homes, why wouldn’t an agent hire a professional to take photos and put together a virtual tour ( another subject that gets me going nowhere).

When looking at high-end photos we do not expect to see a dish drainer on the sink, Christmas items stacked against the wall, boxes of kleenex lying around, “things” pushed under the sofas, tons of knick knacks, family photos covering the walls or religious icons.  Actually we should see as little as possible so that the buyer can gt a good feel for the place as their new home, instead of feeling like they are snooping around someone else’s home.

Look at the photos below.  Which photo would you expect to see in a high-end home ?  A professional photographer can create and  insure the correct lighting for each photo.  There are many photographers for real estate photos in the Finger Lakes.  Visit Pictures by Greg  for some great real estate examples.



I hope you chose the photo on the right.  The photo on the left looks dark and gloomy.  The one on the right looks bright and cheerful and says “come on in ! ”

All buyers expect to see great photos, but the luxury buyer demands it.  If the photos are not of the best quality, they move on to view the next property.  Besides having a wonderful photographer, the owners must ensure that the home is properly staged.  If they feel everything is fine as is, that should bring up a red flag, time to hire a professional stager.  They are professionals and they know what to leave in a room, how to place furniture, and how to set up a room for its best use.  Many of us think we know how to prepare a home, but at this price point it really is best to let a professional do their job, that is why they are professionals.

Your luxury buyers deserve the best, and why ?  Because they can afford it !

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