I Will Not Overprice My Listing !

This statement is sometimes easier said than done.  As Realtors we do not always have control over what the seller believes to be the best price or should I say reasonable selling price. 

Many times we walk away from stubborn sellers. By taking a listing that is overpriced, we just help to sell other listings. 

   4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2000 sq ft updated $99,000 or 4 bedroom 2 bath, 2000 sq ft nice but not updated $120,000

  Of course the $99,000 home will sell first, the other home may not even sell.  Some homeowners have a very unrealistic value of their home.  Some because of what they owe on th principal and some may have been looking at real estate listings in other areas that command a higher value and assume their property carries the same value. By taking listings that we know are overpriced, we are just throwing our advertising money out the door.  Buyers are smart and they know how to comparison shop, if not they ask their agent to help them out.

As a blogger that is part of the large Tomato family group,  we are supported by each other.  The above graphic was supplied by my blogging friend Geordie Romer from http://iciclecreekrealestate.com/ If you know anyone looking for a property in Leavenworth, Wa, have them look up Geordie !

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