Keuka Lake Real Estate Stats

We would like to share with you sales stats for Keuka Lake from 2002 through 2011. This information is valuable to both buyers and sellers.  As you can see Keuka Lake real estate sales peaked in 2007 and from there fell.  Sales still have not completely recovered,but recent indicators show a positive movement upward. 


For those looking to purchase Keuka Lake real estate, this is a good sign.  It is still a buyers market and even better, if you are planning to mortgage the property or take out a home equity on your primary residence, rates are still unbelievably low, hovering at or just below 4% depending on which day you check.


For sellers, this is where you decide how serious you are about selling.  Properties not priced correctly will only linger and linger on the market. Sellers need to have their homes staged with the greatest curb appeal and set at the best price.  As I always say, ” If you want to sell your neighbor’s house, then go ahead, they will thank you.”   If you would like that phrase explained; call myself, Mary St. George or Dave Reeve.

 Currently we already have about two years of inventory on Keuka Lake.   Most sellers do not need to sell their properties immediately, but most do not want their property to become the poster child of the lake.   And still there are folks thinking about putting their property on the market.

As you can see the average price per sale has increased and so has the average numbers of days on market.

For more information about purchasing a lakefront home on Keuka Lake call myself or anyone else at the office.   We will assist you in determining the best time to list your property.


Information brought to you by Mary St.George, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377








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