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Looking around the ice cream cooler recently in our local Byrne Dairy store, I came across Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream.  My first thought was  ” Wow ! What took them so long ? ”  After all, I live in the middle of the Finger Lakes Wine area, the second largest wine-producing area in the US.

I have had home-made wine flavored sorbet in a restaurant for dessert before, but have never seen mass-produced wine ice cream.  

Of course I had to visit Mercer’s website and found out they have been in business for many years, developing from many other companies and names.  They began a little North from my location and that may be why I had never come across this company in the past.

Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream is available in the following varietals:

When I visit ice cream stands this summer, I will be on the lookout for wine flavored ice cream.  The more I think about it, the more I believe that every home-made ice cream stand in the Finger Lakes should be selling at least one type of wine flavored ice cream.  

I did find that one of my favorite ice creams stands is making many, many flavors of Wine Sorbet.  I only remember one.  So here is the list from Cayuga Lake Creamery

Americana Vineyard Barn Raising Red Dark Cherry Sorbet *

Wine Sorbet Outdoor Chalkboard

Americana Vineyard Sweet Rosie Strawberry Sorbet *

Buttonwood Grove Winery Reisling Orange Sorbet *

Buttonwood Grove Winery Blackberry Briar Blackberry Sorbet *

Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery Cranberry Essence Orange Sorbet *

Cobblestone Farm Winery Merlot Dark Cherry Sorbet *

Goose Watch Winery Strawberry Splendor Strawberry Sorbet *

Goose Watch Winery Melody Lemon Sorbet *

Lucas Vineyard Riesling Orange Sorbet *

Montezuma Winery Cranberry Bog Orange Sorbet *

Montezuma Winery Northern Harrier Dark Cherry Sorbet *

Sheldrake Point Vineyard Summer Blush Chocolate Ice Cream *

Sheldrake Point Vineyard Reisling Raspberry Sorbet *

Six Mile Creek Vineyard Dolce Vita Raspberry Sorbet *

Swedish Hill Vineyard Doobie Blues Orange Sorbet *

King Ferry Winery Merlot Raspberry Sorbet *

King Ferry Winery Mystère Raspberry Sorbet *

What a great way to enjoy the Finger Lakes flavors of wine on a hot summer day…Did I mention that I just happen to take my clients for a nice refreshing ice cream cone now and then ?

This information brought to you by your favorite lakefront realtor, Mary St. George, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377

  1. James Bupp


    I like wine and I like ice cream. But not the two together. It’s just my preference but I know that this combo is enjoyed by many folks here in the Finger Lakes.

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