The Floating Keuka Lake House


You have heard of folks purchasing homes, especially when they are historic homes and moving them.  It is quite an event to watch a house being moved and has even been the basis for reality TV.

Now lets take things up a notch – lets move a lake house  across the lake.  Not around, but literally across the water.

I came across this information after showing the home as it currently is, located at 102 E Lake Rd Penn Yan, on the East side of Keuka Lake.  When I returned from the showing, my broker asked me if there was a picture on the wall, an older one, showing a man holding a baby.  I responded ” Yes, there was a picture like that, but why would you be interested? ‘

“That picture was of my father holding me as he watched his house being moved across the lake.” he said to my surprise.

Well the house sold through a different realtor and I always wondered if the picture was saved.  In the mean time, Dave began collecting more information for me and told me how they tried to move the house across the lake on the ice.  Normally the ice is quite thick during the winters on Keuka Lake and would accommodate the weight.  But during a test run with a truck loaded down, it began to sink.  The mild Winter would not allow the house across the ice.  Plan B was now in place and it meant floating the house across the lake.  Dave’s father already had a basement in place across the lake in preparation for the house.

As a follow-up, I stopped by to visit the new owners and inquired about the photo.  That one was not there, but there were three similar ones.  We had a nice conversation about the house and moving it.  The new owner asked me why the home was moved.  Apparently Dave’s father purchased the house but not the land.  He was given three years to move it.

The house as it now looks from the lake.  Watch for a video on my blog that shows the house being moved.  Yes, someone in 1950 had the forethought to record this event.

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