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Preparing your home for sale can be very overwhelming and stressful.  To minimize   the anxiety, concentrate on what will give you the best bang for your buck and get your home sold quickly.  If your over all goal is to sell your home, then the quicker it is sold, the better you will feel.  Now lets talk about how to arrive at that quick sale.

Below you will find five tried and true secrets to selling your home.  It does not matter if it is a simple ranch or a multi-million  dollar estate.

You can not “make” a buyer purchase a home, not even the most seasoned Realtor can accomplish that unfathomable goal.  Your home will sell itself within the first 10 seconds to the right buyer.

  1. Price – yes price.  If your house is not competitively priced, you will help to sell the other properties.  It does not matter how much you personally put into the home.  These are all  personal decisions and your tastes do not always translate into the buyers taste. That is what makes us all unique, right ?  Buyers are more informed than ever, with so much information at their fingertips.  They are looking at square feet, bedrooms, bathrooms, lot size, location and if on the water, just how much waterfront and whether it is flat or steep.
  2. Staging – the second most important and the second hardest idea to justify to a seller.  Even in the very best of homes,  the property will not sell itself without proper staging.  The client may have the best furnishings money can buy, they may have many, many nice things, they may have the home set up for them to utilize in comfort, but none of these items may encourage a buyer to place an offer.  The best way to present a home, is to show it minimally furnished, yet just enough to give the buyer an idea of how this home can become theirs.  If you are a collector, start packing away your pieces.  ( After all you do plan on moving, and will have to eventually pack these items up.)  It is also hard for a buyer to make the home theirs when they see someone else’s family pictures and religious icons scattered around the home.   Colors, oh my…white walls can be construed as too cold and bold colors can be offensive to those that issues with color ( and there are many ).  A  professional stager will be able to best decide many of these items for you.  If your home is too full with items, buyers can not see where their items will go and if it is too  bare, it feels too cold to be a home. When your home is completely staged, now it is time to bring in the professional photographer.  It is well worth the expense.  After all you have a new updated home to show off.
  3. A fresh coat of paint.  Remember colors can turn a potential buyer off.  Based on what your stager suggests for colors, have at it.  Just make sure it has a professional look. 
  4. Repairs – we all have those little repairs that we will get to later.  When selling your house, those little repairs all add up to the potential buyer and may stand out more than you are aware.  That piece of molding that is missing around the base of the wall, the gauge in the wall from moving a piece of furniture, or even the door knob that is loose, are good examples of the little things.  So start your list and tackle all of those little items now, you most likely will have to have the done later.
  5. Appearance – we get used to seeing things every day and live with them, but buyers notice all of those things that we look past every day. Start at your front walk way as if you were a buyer.  See that flower-pot with the dead plant, remove it.  Is the grass and garden edged nicely?  If not, take care of it or hire someone to do a minor landscape uplift. Is your front door faded with old hardware?  Looks like it is time to paint with a fresh coat and replace with updated hardware.  Place a nice potted plant next to the door.  Curb appeal is the first step in the appearance process.  Now when you walk through the door, are there shoes scattered throughout the entry, cat or dog toys on the floor ?   How about the kitchen counter, is it filled with all of your appliances ?  Do you have the counters covered with your favorite pottery?  Do you have a dish drainer sitting on the counter ? OK all of those appliances and the pottery need to be put neatly into a pantry or cabinet.  Everything needs to be picked up and put away as you use it.  This may not be how you normally live and that is OK, but you are selling a house now, so the rules change.  Plus it makes it so much easier to accommodate your agent when they have a buyer that wants to see your home. 

So if you are serious about selling your home or property, contact me and I will get the process started.  When following the above steps, I will have your home sold in much less time, because your home will be the one that everyone wants to buy. At Wine Trail Properties, we want to SELL your home, not just advertise it.  Call me and lets get your home SOLD !

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