Keuka Lake Has Become Hot – All Because Of Anne Hathaway

I normally receive 60 – 100 visitors on my Blog daily, and like anything else, some topics are hotter than others.   Looking at my stats based on my blogs, helps me to determine what my viewers like.  Well, I was not prepared for this recent outcome.  There are now 5-10 people reading my blog at one time.  I have never seen stats like that before, not even when I wrote about the Travolta full Snatched movie online

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So what is the hot topic ?  Anne Hathaway, the mega s-tar know as the new Catwoman in the new movie The Dark Knight Rises.  I put together a little blog about her being in the Keuka Lake area, and voila, everyone wants to know the when, where and why.    Some rumors have been verified with photos and others from the owners of the businesses she was seen at.

Her parents came to Keuka Lake and rented a home.  Anne ended up here visiting with them.  She has been seen at restaurants, wineries, the local movie theater, taking in shops in Hammondsport ( The Coolest Small Town in the US ) and at antique shops with her dad.

Another blog has her coming to the area to look at wedding sites.  That is not verified, but who knows. mary

I must be getting older, because I did not realize the star power she brought.  Everyone is talking about her being in the area, from the folks in the beauty shops, to the radio and tv news programs.  I have to admit, it is nice to receive “good” publicity about Keuka Lake.

And who knows, maybe she will want to purchase a lakefront home while here.  And why not, everyone else already knows that this area offers a slice of heaven.  I would love to find her the perfect home on Keuka Lake, but then of course I could not tell you about it.   Confidentiality agreements come with all clients that I work with that request it.

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  1. Amy

    I am sure if Cuomo approves fracking in Stueben County, we won’t be seeing a lot of celebrities here…..and we will see real estate prices dropping

  2. Mary St. George

    Amy your concern is very valid. The important thing to do is to stay on top of the anti fracking groups. They need the support of everyone. Many communities and towns have voted for either a moratorium or a ban . We need to show fracking supporters visual reminders of what this business does to a community. Where are the pictures? We need to overwhelm with pictures. Even if he approves fracking, it can only happen in the comunities that allow it. email me if you would like contact info for the anti fracking groups. [email protected]

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I will try to put something together on my blog concerning fracking. Mary

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