Top Two Reasons I Love My Finger Lakes Career In Real Estate…


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The best reason that I love selling real estate in the Finger Lakes, is all about the great people I meet.  They come from all walks of life and come from all over the country and even the world.  Getting to know their motivations for coming to the area are also unique to each person.   I have become friends with many of them, even going on trips or just stopping by to enjoy a glass of Finger Lakes wine. 

Many are attracted to the area for its multitude of wineries, others for the pristine lakes, some for both reasons.  But for some it means the ability to get away from their busy lives and blend in with the locals. All of these folks have great stories to tell as they come from different cultures, different cities and different backgrounds. What is great about all of them, is that when it comes to looking for properties, they are all just regular people.

Since most of my clients are looking for the perfect vacation home, there usually is no urgency.  Because of the laid back approach to looking for a lake home, I have worked with some clients for a few years before finding the right property.  This really allows me to get to know the person that they are.

Some buyers have a specific lake in mind.  They want Keuka Lake, or Seneca Lake or even Skaneateles Lake.  Others are looking at some of the smaller and more affordable lakes. I just love picking up the phone to hear ” I am looking to purchase a home on Keuka Lake.” or any of the other lakes.

I love meeting new people and my career is just perfect for that reason.

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Reason # 2

The homes that I have been able to see whether via my sellers or the countless ones that I brought my buyers through, are just amazing.  I get to see new homes, old homes, refurbished home, cobblestone classics, vintage cottages, churches refurbished into residential homes, barns disguising very interesting living quarters and everything in between.  I live in my own Better Homes and Gardens.  I am able to see bare bunk houses and then compare them to the unique designs of some very creatively finished bunk houses.  Since many of these homes are high-end, I also enjoy seeing what their designers have come up with.  So to see the newest or trendiest styles in home design and decor, I need to go no further than the next home I will be showing.  Some of these homes have actually been featured in major magazines for the combination of their decor and location.


If you would like me to assist you in finding your perfect vacation home, just contact me.  I would love to meet you !

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    Nice write up! Happy New Year, Mary!

  2. Mary St. George

    Cat Happy New Year to you as well. Glad you enjoyed the blog.

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