I Have Gone Mobile !

Going mobile:

I have been blogging for a while now and when Jim Cronin ( the big tomato at theYour Keuka Lake Rea Estate Agent is now mobile !

Real Estate Tomatoes ) asked who would be interested in a mobile version, I jumped right on board.  Just as putting the blog together was, this will be a learning experience as well, but one I look forward to.  

Your Keuka Lake Real Estate Agent is now Mobile !

Currently the mobile version is only available on iPhones, but the tech savvy group at the Real Estate Tomatoes, are working on a version for the Droids.
Of course every time I hear the term going Mobile, I think of the who and their infamous song “Going Mobile”.  It was on one of the first albums I ever purchased.
If you have an iPhone I would love for you to check out the mobile version and would love your feedback.  It is still in the development stage, which means it is continually being updated.

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  1. James Bupp


    I think that it’s a great move for you,your business, and the market that you serve.

    Unfortunately I can’t afford to keep up with all of the latest technical advances. Which is of course why I am not a part of the market that you serve!

    I can see folks reading those square codes on the Realitor sign as they pass one of your homes with their iphones and then looking at the pictures of the inside and the price. WOW! Powerful stuff.


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