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Keuka Lake, Mary St.GeorgeAs real estate agents in the Finger Lakes, we always advise our clients to use neutral colors on the walls when preparing their homes for sale.

However, when you are the new owner – paint away.  The home is now yours and you need and want to put your personal touches on your new space, those touches that make it yours.  You can choose to make your home warm and cozy or bold and lively.  Or you may want to stick to a very conservative and neutral palette.  If you don’t like the color you chose, you can always redo with minimal costs.

A little information about colors:

Blue is great for bedrooms – it is a cool color that brings a calming effect.  Pale blue is a soothing color for a nursery. ( The blue waters of the Finger Lakes are a soothing attraction to visitors)

Purple is regal and royal with the use of deep colors. When lavender is used, it becomes playful.

Green is the color of our world and it creates a feeling of energy.   A great color to put in areas like family rooms.

Brown is a very neutral color and works well with all other colors.  To brighten up an area you would want to use a cream color, for rooms with more warmth a deeper coffee color.

Red is a color that many people are afraid of.  But don’t be.  If the color scares you, just use it as an accent color or paint just one wall.  Red can have blue undertones or black undertones.  Red is a very complimentary color to green.  Red can dominate a room.

Yellow can warm up a room and bring a breath of fresh air at the same time.  Like most colors, it will depend on the tone.

Black is a color made for accents in its deepest form.  But for a great backdrop for colors, tone it  down to a warm grey to become a perfect backdrop for any color scheme.

White is not just white.  There are so many variations of white and most differences in shades are not noticeable until you put a couple of whites together.   Variations of white  used together create  a clean modern look and white is always a perfect color choice for trim.  And of course, everything goes with white.

Just changing or adding color to a room, can make it feel like a brand new room.  So now that you own your new vacation home, make it yours by experimenting with color !

This information brought to you by Mary St.George, Associate Real Estate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377, meeting the lakefront demands on Keuka Lake.

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