The Top 2 Turnoffs For Buyers…


Pets are wonderful, sweet and most times a significant part of the family. But they can cause odors that make buyers wince and turn the other way.

Dog odors are usually easy to keep to a minimum unless the home is also the place that dogs are bred or wet dogs are allowed in  and out of the house.  If you are thinking about selling your home, there are a couple of things to do if owning a dog.  Insure that the dog is continually washed and groomed.  This will minimize any odors.  Brush  your dogs daily and try to keep the grooming process to a garage or outdoor area.  This will cut down on the hair balls that tend to take over the home overnight.  Check all of their bedding,  wash and clean as needed.  Some dog beds can be filled with cedar inserts to keep down the odors.  If possible remove your pets for showings or keep in a crate for the safety of both the pets and the viewers.

Cat odors can be overpowering and not easily detected by the owners.  If you have cats, ask your realtor for an honest feedback on cat odors.  In some cases, you may actually have to obtain the services of a professional to remove the odors.  This may even involve removing carpets and sometimes furniture.  If a potential buyer walks into a home and is hit with cat odors, they usually do not even want to continue the home tour.  From experience this is so true.  Cats are adorable fluffy creatures but can completely make a home unsellable.  Insure the litter boxes are clean and kept out of the way.  Cat dander is also something that keeps buyers away and the subject for another article.  So if you do not have a cat and are thinking about selling, try to hold off obtaining a cat until you move into your new property.

cigarette box This group of people has been reducing over the past 20 years at a significant rate bringing them from a majority to a minority.  Even those that still partake in the habit, have moved their smoking area to an outdoor area.  Buyers are very keen to the odor that permeates from cigarette smoking and consider it a huge reason not to purchase a home.  Not only are they concerned about the odors, but the health affects from the second hand smoke in the house.

So  if you are a smoker contemplating the sale of your home, there are many things you will want to begin the process of.  First you should stop all smoking inside of the home. Then you will want to have all of your walls and ceilings thoroughly cleaned. Then you will want to address all of the fabric items like curtains, drapes and upholstery on your furniture. You may consider the use of a professional service as this really is a big undertaking. It is amazing to realize all of the areas that smoke adheres to.  All of your windows, mirrors and items hanging on your wall will most likely have smoke residue on them.  After you have done a clean sweep through the entire home to remove smoke residue, invite one of your friends to come through to insure the odors are gone.  Of course make sure it is a friend that does not smoke.

sky around Keuka LakeWhen buyers walk through your home, it should smell fresh and clean but not overly scented.  Usually when buyers find too many fresheners in a home, they ask me what the sellers are trying to conceal.  And to some potential buyers, all of the candles and scents become overwhelming and a turn-off as well.

You real estate agent should be the first person you talk to about any potential issues or items that will prevent your home from being sold. They can also assist you with names and services of companies that you will need to have any work completed.

And when you think of vacation homes, the only scent you want – is that fresh air wafting in through the windows and doors.


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