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Morgans Marina at night fall…


The tubes and skis are being cleaned and put away. the temporary docks are being removed and stored for the next season and the boats have been brought over to the marina to rest until next spring when the warmer weather comes rolling back in.  You will still find a few boats tied up to their docks, permanent docks that is. They most likely will belong to the avid fishermen…you know the die hards, the ones that will be out their in the frigid temps, as long as the lake is not iced up.

Barb Cavaluzzi recorded a video of one of the sea planes coming into Morgan’s Marina in Penn Yan NY on Keuka Lake.  Once the marina has all of the boats in, the docks will eventually be pulled up and it will lay barren until spring. This will most likely mean the end of the sea planes until  next spring as well.

Sea Plane docking on Keuka lake

In the fall many will come back to their second homes to take advantage of the chance to use their vacation home here on Keuka Lake for the last time, they will visit some of the wineries and just sit back and enjoy the views.  Nothing wrong with that, especially if you have a nice glass of wine and a dancing fire  to take the chill out of the air.  Speaking of the air, oh my…how fragrant it is this time of year.  The apples and grapes are being harvested and the aroma is undeniably lovely.

So even though it is hard to say goodbye to another wonderful season, there are still a few things that we can look forward to as the seasons change.  There may not be anymore waterskiing to be done, but there will be fresh apples, cider and chestnuts and you may even find someone roasting the chestnuts over an open fire. The wineries are all introducing their new vintages, and many of the cheese makers will be doing their pairings with the wineries.    This is also the time of the year that the locals, the ones that are involved in the seasonal businesses on the lake like myself ( you know – your favorite lakefront real estate agent on Keuka Lake ),  actually have a chance to enjoy the lake and it’s beauty for what it is.    Things are slowing down for us, at least for me with lakefront sales and it gives me time to catch up with some of the other business owners.

Let me know what your favorite activity is in the fall in the Finger Lakes or at least on Keuka Lake. I would love to hear from you !






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