The Best Real Estate Blog ??? Last Year… This Year ???


mortgage ratesOk, so now we are into a new year and it has become customary to look back on last year for the best and worst and to look forward to this year to make it the best.  So who is it that judges these blogs?  I belong to a very large group of bloggers and  one of the Real Estate Tomatoes.  We do not have a contest, though we do notice and recognize our fellow bloggers that have great content and graphics.  We look to each other to improve our sites.  The “Big Tomato, Jim Cronin” is always looking for better ways to capture and post content as well as ways to keep our sites secure.   But there are bloggers out there on paid sites, free sites and even those that are “guest” bloggers.  Is it even possible to view all of these sites?mortgage ratesreal estate tomato

Another dynamic in the mix, would be the content.   Does the blog address real estate issues for the consumer or does it contain content on how to be a better Realtor?   My opinion… Yes, I know …who asked,  Real Estate Blogs should be about the world of real estate, not Realtors.  They should contain content that showcases homes for sale, trends in mortgage rates, construction trends, design trends and information about the particular area that you are selling in.  I am almost certain that my buyers and sellers do not want to read about tax tips for Realtors or how to use social media to attract more rates

I also just looked at a list of the “Top 10 Blogs of 2015”.  Really ?  After not even one month into the new year, someone has determined who the best bloggers are and which blogs are the best.

Fear not, I did not make these lists, but I will add content that you will hopefully find interesting, ideas that will help you to prepare your home for sale, products and ideas that you may want to ponder for possible remodeling projects, mortgage rates and tips for those buying and information about the area I sell in.

I am always looking for new material and welcome all of your comments.  So let’s make this a great year, list or no list !



mortgage rates

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