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 2013 was a great year for me as well as my clients and I intend to have another great year in 2014.  My specialty is lakefront, but will work with clients on other residential purchases and will list a residential home if it is priced right and maintained.

Last year I had 3 of the top 10 sales and one of those was the highest selling property.  I have listings on multiple lakes and help buyers on multiple lakes.  I just love working with waterfront property.  It may have something to do with all of the people I meet from all over the area and country, even some outside of the country.  I work hard for my clients and will utilize any type of media that I feel appropriate to sell the property.  Everything is on the table.  You can expect me to be accountable to you.

Mary St George’s clients are some of the happiest and most knowledgeable home buyers and sellers in the Finger Lakes. As they say “If you are lucky enough to be on the lake, you are lucky enough.

That’s because her first priority when meeting a new client is to find out how she can best help them. Buying a vacation home is an expensive investment, and each buyer has different needs.  Some want a lakefront property for their personal use, while others look at it as an investment and will rent out the property to generate income. And of course sellers have just as many reasons to sell a property. Mary believes that successful Real Estate transactions are the results of careful strategies, insightfulness and strategic marketing plans specific to each seller.  Next she gives them the information they need to move through the process of buying or selling a home with the least possible stress or uncertainty. Mary’s belief is that knowledge of today’s market leads to good decisions. When clients know what to expect at each step along the way, it makes the entire transaction more enjoyable for everyone.While Mary was learning about Real Estate, she came across some instructors in the niche field of second home buyers.  This fascinated her enough to sign up for the classes and certification. She took this opportunity because she knew it would enhance her ability to sell lakefront properties and assist buyers looking for their second homes.  Today she holds the certification of RSPS as a charter member ( one of the first 250 people to be accredited  ) by the National Association of Realtors. RSPS is short for Resort/Second Home Property Specialist.
A true “people person,” Mary’s favorite part of being a REALTOR® is the opportunity to become acquainted with so many interesting people and help them realize their goals. She respects the fact that this isn’t like any other purchase As one colleague puts it: “Mary is the consummate listener. She’s wonderfully adept at hearing her clients’ concerns and bringing an assuring sense of calm to the process.”
Her sense of empathy for the emotion that goes into buying or selling a home could be the reason why so many of her former clients are her present friends. A Monroe County native, Mary came to the Finger Lakes in 1988 – unaware that she was about to fall in love with the area.. But it didn’t take long for the Finger Lakes to capture her heart and she loves to spread that feeling. 



 To be honest I love the business of Real Estate, whether I am working with buyers or sellers.  The business always changes.  Just like colors fall in and out of favor, so do the wants and needs of buyers.  One year it is colonial and another the “want have”  is contemporary.  What is important, is what the buyer feels comfortable with.

Talking about comfortable…can you imagine yourself watching the sunset against the green of the trees, the blue of the sky and lake in your favorite chair overlooking the water?  Talk to me and lets see what we can do about that scenario, because I think you belong in it……

I am a multimillion dollar producer on the lakes and my clients’ backgrounds are as diverse as they come.  Because I am so interested in people, I seem to blend right in, making me their favorite Realtor on the lakes.  I can sense their needs and requirements. My specialty is Resort Properties, and why not?…. I live on one of the Finger Lakes….

Talking about specialities, I have spent a great amount of time earning my designation from the National Association of Realtors, the RSPS certification. Education involved :


Besides my RSPS designation, I am also working on my CIPS designation.  CIPS is short for Certified International Property Specialist. This  allows me greater flexibility working with International buyers and having access to to an International network of buyers. Currently I am a certified Mary St GeorgeMary St GeorgeTRC or transreferral certified to take referrals from other countries in the network.

As you can see real estate can be very exciting and invigorating, at least it is for me.  I love to share this interest with buyers and sellers. Not, only do I want to be involved in the transaction, I like to know what is going on from point A to point B, from becoming knowledgable about current  loan programs to understanding the various watershed issues.

Give me a call – I think we would have a lot to talk about.

Or visit the company website –  www.nothnagle.com/marystgeorge  Mary St George

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Mary St. George