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Finance Your Equity To Purchase Your Lakefront Home In The Finger Lakes


If we have equity in real estate and can move the equity into another piece of real estate, we are minimizing vacant homes, creating new sales streams and generating confidence in the market.

For the fortunate individuals that have an equity base, they have the opportunity to reinvest their monies into real estate that will both benefit an economy and their personal enjoyment. Extend this idea to a lakefront home,  and you are creating revenues for a small town or village as well as the luxury to be able to create amazing memories for both family and friends.

With prices still very competitive, and rates low, borrowing against your own money is sometimes better than an outlay of cash.  Talk to your tax accountant and see what benefits may be in store for you and what options are available.  Then call me to look for that perfect lakefront property.  You deserve it, right?


This information brought to you by Mary St. George, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377

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Current Mortgage Rates In The Finger Lakes

As Realtors, we keep thinking that the rates will start an uphill climb any day.  Just when they start to inch up, they fall right back down again.  It makes my script real easy, no changes” If you are thinking about buying, now is the time while rates are low and prices are down.”

So here my dear friends are some current rates from Fairport Mortgage provided by Aaron. Stop by and see my friends at Fairport when looking for your mortgage on your new vacation home in the Finger Lakes.


This information brought to you by Mary St. Gorge Realtor, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties.315-719-8377




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How To Make Your Move Easier – The Wine Trail Properties Way

When you arrive to the point of actually knowing you will move, everything becomes chaotic in a bittersweet way.  You are thrilled about where you are going, mapping out the floor plan, thinking about all of the different rooms and what you may need.  And then there is the chore of what to do with everything at the old house (your current home) and where it will be going in the new house.  I have supplied you with a moving list put together by a mortgage broker Aaron Lazemby of Fairort Mortgage ( his contact info is listed below).  I would take this list and enter all of the needed items into your calendar and if you have a phone calendar, even better.  Y0u may want to add or delete from the list as needed.

Now you need to move forward in a moving mode.  By this I mean, every time you move something,or pick up something, determine its need.  Start sorting things into groups:

1. Taking with

2. Donating

3. Garage sale

Start putting containers in all of the rooms to drop things into.  Now set a date for a moving sale and begin to stage the items where you will be displaying them such as a garage.   Make up an event on Facebook, make a large enough sign for in front of your home and place an ad in the local paper.  Then if you happen to be our clients,  let us know when you will be having your sale and we will let you borrow our A-frame signs to display your sale.




1)       Notify post office of move and fill out change of address cards – you can do this online now

2)       Notify magazines and newspapers of new address – do this as you receive them and can be done online

3)       Notify insurance company

4)       Change address on all charge accounts that you are going to keep, or close the ones you no longer need



1)       Call a mover and obtain an estimate

2)       Arrange for packing cartons if the mover does not supply them

3)       Prepare inventory of goods to be moved – take photos when possible

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For Sale The Top Properties On Keuka Lake The #1 Lake

These top 10 properties are in my opinion the best properties currently available for sale on Keuka Lake.   For more information about purchasing any of these lakefront properties, just email me or call me and I will work for you to acquire one of these  unbelievable Keuka Lake properties. There are currently 102 properties available on Keuka Lake for sale.  Find out why Keuka Lake is considered the favorite lake to purchase and enjoy, in the Finger Lakes. Do you see your vacation home listed above ?


This information brought to you by Mary St.George Realtor, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377

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The Newest Trend In Fishing Boats For The Finger Lakes


You have seen paddle boats in ponds and lakes.  They  usually consist of 2 seats, you get in and with leg power pedal around in circles enjoying the view and obtaining a little exercise at the same time.  Well the newest trend in fishing boats uses pedal power, looks like a kayak and the best part – it uses no gas !

I have thought about learning to kayak for a long time.  I have so many friends that paddle around the lake and it is a great relaxing form of exercise.  With Keuka Lake just outside my back door, I really should make this a priority.  Now with this pedal drive system, it makes owning a kayak a little more enticing. I could use it for a form of relaxation and exercise and Kirk can use it for fishing.

You would be limited to the amount of equipment to take with you, but you would never have to worry about the gas can.  I really like that part of the equation, especially with the price of gas.  This would be easily transported from one lake to another, or to take with you to another state when going on vacation, it can be used for more than just fishing, it takes no gasoline, you can quietly sneak up on the fish and it adds a healthy element to your lifestyle.


I have attached a neat video from Native Watercraft that makes this new trend in fishing boats –

This would be a great addition to your Lakefront Home .  For owners that have their homes in vacation rental programs, what a great asset this would be for potential renters.


 This information brought to you by Mary st George Realtor, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties,  315-719-8377


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