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The Ten Most Expensive Properties For Sale On Keuka Lake June 2012

These are currently the top priced properties on Keuka Lake.  If you would like more information about any of them or would like to make an appointment to see them, you can reach me at 315-719-8377  or  You can also visit our business site Wine Trail Properties .


$2,200,000. 456 feet of lakefront – 84. 30 acres located 4188 thru 4166 West Bluff Drive Keuka Park NY 14478

MLS# 184798 1660 square feet built in 1930 – 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, same family for 75 years


$1,950,000. 244 feet of lakefront – 6 acres located at 6972 West Bluff Drive Keuka Park NY 14478

MLS# 169849 4,734 sq feet built in 2004 , 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths – wine cellar



$1,900,00 190 feet of lakefront located at 14899 Keuka Village Rd Dundee NY 14837

MLS# 160950 known as the "John Travolta House" 3 bedrooms and 5.and half baths, outdoor kitchen and automated boat hoist



$1,759,900 198 feet of lakefront , 3.4 acres , flat, level and private Located at 1073 East Lake Rd, Dundee NY 14837

MLS # 186377 , 4 bedrooms, 2 and half baths, built in 1927, 2350 square feet of living space



$1,650,000 493 feet of lakefront, located at 12262 West Lake Rd, Hammondsport, NY 14840 ” The Coolest Small Town” in America

MLS# 185157 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, built in 1930, 4232 square feet on 1.3 acres home of former Congressman Randy Kuhl. boat house, office, hot tub


$1,325,000 189 feet of lakefront, located at 2417 Plaisted Rd,Penn Yan NY 14527, 1.5 acres

MLS# 172837 4 bedrooms and 3 and half baths, 3096 square feet built in 1996



$1,190,000, 350 feet of lakefront located at 9521 South Lake Rd Hammondsport NY 14840 on 1.37 acres

MLS# 179986 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3700 square feet built in 1983




$1,099,000 180 feet of lakefront located at 460 East Lake Rd Penn Yan NY 14527 on 1 acre

MLS# 156127 4 bedrooms, 3 and half baths with 4628 square feet plus an additional 2 bedroom 1 bath guest house, boat house and additional garage, hot tub, William Ohs kitchen, wine cellar, radiant heat and central air



$989,000 100 feet of lakefront located at 951 East Lake Rd Dundee, NY 14837 on .30 acre

MLS# 186057 4114 square feet built in 2001, 5 bedrooms and 4 and half baths – under contract



$892,000 200 feet of lakefront located at 9124 Snug Harbor Hammondsport NY 14840 on 2.85 acres

MLS# 173115 3848 square feet 3 bedrooms and two baths built in 1961

 As you can see, each property is unique compared to each other.  You still have time to browse, make an offer, become the new owner and enjoy this summer season.   Make Lakefront Living your reality and give us a call !  Keuka Lake is waiting for you ….

 This infromation brought to you by Mary St.George Realtor, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377

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Missing Keuka Lake Info On Zillow

Many buyers and sellers have been using the “expertise” of Zillow for the last few years, so much so, that if it is on Zillow, then it must be.

I have previously been a member of the Zillow pro team, allowing me to use more photos on my listings, show up as the real estate pro for my area ( zip codes ) and even write and submit blogs.  I tried the program, actually several times.  I always thought if the other realtors are doing it, I should as well.

Then I started having issues.

  •  Listings that were not mine were showing up as mine.
  •  The listings that were actually mine had the wrong information ( sometimes the same listing would show up several times – all with different info ).  Usually these listings I could correct.
  • Owners of properties would call me up to ask why I had their property listed for sale, and of course I did not.  When I investigated, they usually did show as being for sale and my picture and name would be listed on the same page. Actually no one had the property listed, it just showed up on Zillow that way.
  • One of the times I had a pro membership, I was allowed to receive leads through an 800 number.  I would receive a call and it would start out ” Hello, you are receiving a customer inquiry through Zillow.”  I would answer and the person on the other end would say something like ” Hey how long will it take to get my payday advance? or ” You sent the wrong medical products.”  Completely taken back, I would contact my Zillow rep.  Of course they would turn it over to their tech support.  Needless to say, I do not have a pro account with Zillow anymore, but I still receive the occasional “Hello, this is a customer call from Zillow”, at which point I hang up.

Occasionally I still log into Zillow, to see what they are up to and what is new.  Today I received a phone call from one of my clients stating that a friend of hers saw her house for sale on Zillow for $935,000.  I had to look immediately because her house is listed at $1,099,000.  I could not find it on Zillow for sale.  Eventually I found it, but not for sale and it has two different prices listed as you can see in the photo below, actually three prices, one is not the sellers address ( 453 E Lake Rd $16,000 ) $1.15 mil and $1.16 million.  Both prices for her property are incorrect and it is listed as not being for sale.












So if you are a buyer looking to purchase property on  Keuka Lake, do not expect to see all available listings on Zillow.  If you are a seller, do not get nervous if your house is not listed or listed incorrectly.  For everyone out there in my selling area, please call me if you are looking for a property to purchase on Canandaigua Lake, Keuka Lake, or Seneca Lake.  I will be able to give you information on all properties available for the correct price and with the correct information. 

Zillow is a third-party service that offers real estate information and estimates.  I am sure they do not intentionally give out incorrect information, but I believe it just happens through the various programs they use to compile info.  The other issue affecting Zillow now, is that many of the Multiple Listing Services are not automatically giving Zillow the information any more, but information does show up through agents that are still paying for the Pro service. How they will succeed with just partial and or incorrect information, I am not sure.  But to my clients: Buyer and Seller beware on Zillow !

I have now educated one of my Keuka Lake clients and they in turn have educated  their friends.  It looks like in the future I will need to remind all clients about information obtained on Zillow or any other third-party site.

For the correct information for the above listing, you can find it on our website Wine Trail Properties.  It is a beautiful waterfront home and deserves to have the correct information available as well as all of the wonderful photos available. Contact me personally if you would like a viewing of this magnificent property.

And for the best information for all lakefront properties for sale on Keuka Lake, contact myself or anyone in the office.

Information brought to you by Mary St.George Realtor, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377,

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Keuka Lake Laughed In The Face Of The Housing Bubble…

Normally when you have more than 5 months of inventory,  that real estate region becomes designated as a “buyers market”.  That has not always been the case on Keuka Lake.  

There are currently 99 homes available on Keuka Lake with only 55 homes total selling in all of  2011.  There are a handful of  homes on  Keuka Lake, that have been listed for sale since 2009 .  That really is not unusual. 

Many home owners do not have to sell and have pre-determined that if they receive their price, then it is sold.  Until then they either enjoy it for personal use, or enjoy the income derived from the Vacation Rental industry in the area.

Another factor affecting Keuka Lake properties, is that prices did not unrealistically appreciate like most markets.  There was  a subtle increase in prices on lakefront properties during the buying frenzy that will still leave some property owners that purchased around 2008, holding on for a little longer. But for most, they just wait for the right buyer.  With properties on the lake being so distinctively different, that is to be expected.  Because many of these homes are second properties or vacation properties, buyers take their time until the “right” one comes along.

A good example of this, is a home located on East Bluff that just entered into a contract.  The home recently was relisted for $625,000 but has been for sale since July of 2009.    The original price on the listing was $659,000 . In most markets 3 years is considered a long time, but not Keuka Lake. 

This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with 1750 sq ft, 106 feet of lakefront and built in 1994 has very desirable attributes and has gone under contract.  If you are looking for a similar home on Keuka Lake and want to find out why this lake is such a gem to both locals and global citizens, give me a call.  You can reach me at or 315-719-8377.

This information brought to you by Mary St.George Realtor, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377

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Choosing Your Keuka Lake Real Estate Agent To Find Your Lakefront Property

When looking for a realtor to find your vacation or year round home on Keuka Lake, there are a few things to think about.

  • Find a Realtor that will show you all of the listings that fit your wants and needs.  In New York, Realtors should work cooperatively with other brokers and agents
  • A Realtor that has their name all over, might just be too busy to work with buyers
  • It is best to find one Realtor versus just calling and looking by listing.  A Realtor that has signed on with you as a buyers agent, is the one that will best represent your interests.
  • Find a Realtor that is willing to work  around your schedule, because after all we will be working for you – if they are to busy, it might be  a sign to look for another agent.
  • When you find Realtor that you are comfortable with, sign a Buyer Agency Agreement with that agent – after all, they will be spending a lot of time with and for you.  They only get paid when they help you find a property and it closes.  The seller will then pay the commission, not you, unless you have made other arrangements. 
  • The Realtor should be very familiar with the area and can give you lists of stores, schools, restaurants and any other service you need .
  • The Number One or Best Producing Realtor may also not have enough time to spend with you, or at least quality time.
  • Ask your Realtor about the best ways to stay in contact.  Some folks like email or text messages, while some still like to use the telephone..  If you have a cell phone, make sure your Realtor has that number as well. Your Realtor should be willing to obtain information for you, run a list of comparative properties against any you are interested in, move information between parties engaged in the contract such as attorneys, listing agent, banks and surveyors.

If you are not sure who to call, the safe bet is to talk to myself or any of the other agents in our office. 

This information brought to you by Mary St. George Realtor, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377

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Keuka Lake Real Estate For Sale -14161 State Route 54 Hammondsport


Purchasing  MLS#: R185421  will allow you to live in the  “Coolest Small Town ” in America. You will also be able to partake in the enjoyment of Keuka Lake without the cost of most homes on the lake.  This home gives you the feeling of Americana with its yellow siding, white windows and shutters and open front porch perfect for kicking back, enjoying a glass of wine, reading a book or just talking with friends.  The large parcel, almost 5 acres gives you plenty of room for family fun and games.  Of course one of the best features of this property, is its lakefront, where you can dock your boat and have it at the ready for your next water skiing excursion or maybe just a little ride over to one of your favorite lakeside restaurants like The Switzerland Inn, more commonly called “The Switz” to meet with friends.

As they say ” If you are lucky enough to be on the lake, you are lucky enough!” . When the day winds down, you can retire to the privacy of your spacious home, leaving the noises of lake living at the lakeside. 

Three bedrooms and two and half baths offer plenty of living space.  With your large lot, you also have plenty of room to expand. Priced at just $319,000, you will easily see the value in this vacation or year round home. It is easily accessed from both Hammondsport and Penn Yan. This truly is a great Keuka Lake property for sale and an affordable way to be on Keuka Lake.

For more information or a private viewing you can contact Seth Olney or myself at 585-469-3102

This information brought to you by Mary St. George Realtor, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377

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