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The Top 2 Turnoffs For Buyers…


Pets are wonderful, sweet and most times a significant part of the family. But they can cause odors that make buyers wince and turn the other way.

Dog odors are usually easy to keep to a minimum unless the home is also the place that dogs are bred or wet dogs are allowed in  and out of the house.  If you are thinking about selling your home, there are a couple of things to do if owning a dog.  Insure that the dog is continually washed and groomed.  This will minimize any odors.  Brush  your dogs daily and try to keep the grooming process to a garage or outdoor area.  This will cut down on the hair balls that tend to take over the home overnight.  Check all of their bedding,  wash and clean as needed.  Some dog beds can be filled with cedar inserts to keep down the odors.  If possible remove your pets for showings or keep in a crate for the safety of both the pets and the viewers.

Cat odors can be overpowering and not easily detected by the owners.  If you have cats, ask your realtor for an honest feedback on cat odors.  In some cases, you may actually have to obtain the services of a professional to remove the odors.  This may even involve removing carpets and sometimes furniture.  If a potential buyer walks into a home and is hit with cat odors, they usually do not even want to continue the home tour.  From experience this is so true.  Cats are adorable fluffy creatures but can completely make a home unsellable.  Insure the litter boxes are clean and kept out of the way.  Cat dander is also something that keeps buyers away and the subject for another article.  So if you do not have a cat and are thinking about selling, try to hold off obtaining a cat until you move into your new property. Read the rest of this entry »

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Color Your World


Keuka Lake, Mary St.GeorgeAs real estate agents in the Finger Lakes, we always advise our clients to use neutral colors on the walls when preparing their homes for sale.

However, when you are the new owner – paint away.  The home is now yours and you need and want to put your personal touches on your new space, those touches that make it yours.  You can choose to make your home warm and cozy or bold and lively.  Or you may want to stick to a very conservative and neutral palette.  If you don’t like the color you chose, you can always redo with minimal John Wick: Chapter 2 movie now

A little information about colors:

Blue is great for bedrooms – it is a cool color that brings a calming effect.  Pale blue is a soothing color for a nursery. ( The blue waters of the Finger Lakes are a soothing attraction to visitors)

Purple is regal and royal with the use of deep colors. When lavender is used, it becomes playful.

Green is the color of our world and it creates a feeling of energy.   A great color to put in areas like family rooms.

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Photo taken by Holly Mosher

Over 90% of home buyers start their search on the internet.   If the photos of your home do not appeal to the visual sense of the buyer, they will most likely not want to set up an appointment, instead they move onto the next property for sale.  Your home is your castle, but to the buyer it has to become theirs.   Just in June of this year alone, Zillow reported that 270 Million homes were viewed on their site.  That is a whopping 104 homes per second.  So yes, pictures sell your home.



Many times buyers will call a real estate agent only after they have accumulated a list of properties that they have seen on the internet. Is your  For Sale property on their list.

To make sure you home shows the best on the internet, think about hiring a realtor that uses a professional photographer.   That extra money pays off  with more interested buyers and a quicker sale.


This information brought to you by Mary St.George, Associate Real Estate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377

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Lt Gov Bob Duffy – Keuka Lake Welcomes You !

June 7th, 2013 categories: Information, Keuka Lake

welcome to keuka lake

I still think of him as Mayor Duffy the former Mayor of Rochester NY,  but he is now known by his new title, Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy.  The Lt Governor has made Keuka Lake part of his lifestyle, by purchasing a lake front home on the Bluff . What a great person to have as our neighbor.

Besides being a mayor previous to his current position, he was also the Police Chief of Rochester NY from 1998 to 2005.  From his current position of Lt Gov. for Gov. Cuomo back to all of his previous positions, he was and is considered a well liked and reasonable man.   He joins the ranks on Keuka Lake with the current Mayor of Rochester, Thomas Richards.

RobertJDuffy - keuka lake

A huge heartfelt welcome goes out to Lt Gov. Robert Duffy , his wife and two daughters from all of us on Keuka Lake.  We look forward to seeing you spending time in our little neck of the woods.

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Kayak Fishing On Keuka Lake

June 5th, 2013 categories: Information, Keuka Lake

keuka lake realtor

Kayaking has become a very popular activity in and around the waters of the Finger Lakes.  It offers a nice stress free way of relaxing and the opportunity to get some fresh air and a little exercise. I see many people out in the waters in their kayaks, young and old.

keuka realtor

Fishing takes on a whole new feel, when you give up the motors os a boat for a nice relaxing afternoon on the lake in your kayak, moving at your own pace.  You slowly paddle to where you want to be cast a line and just sit back and relax.

keuka lake realtor

Photo by Nigel Kent

Many outdoor stores can give you some ideas to outfit your kayak to make your fishing adventure enjoyable. You don’t need a lot.

Photo by Nigel Kent

Photo by Nigel Kent

 Keuka Lake offers so many nice coves to fish in as well as the Keuka Outlet.  The outlet is also a great place to launch your kayak.

Photo by Nigel Kent

Photo by Nigel Kent

If fishing out of a boat has become tedious and expensive, try fishing out of a kayak.  There is no gasoline to worry about, no backing the trailer and waiting in lines to launch your boat and nothing to worry about doing by yourself.  Instead just pull the kayak off your vehicle, grab your gear and in the water you go.

For more information about fishing contact my friends at :

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