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Penn Yan – Yates County Airport



If you are into flying or use charter air services and like the idea of owning lakefront property on one of the prettiest lakes in the Finger Lakes, Keuka Lake, then you have come to the right place.  Flying into Penn Yan allows you to enjoy the experience and the lifestyle that includes award-winning wineries, mouth-watering dishes served at the local restaurants in and around the lake, golf courses, boating, water skiing and just plain old relaxing at your  great lakefront home.    You are also a short drive to museums, amusement parks and water parks.  You will find the quaint shops in and around the lake have so much to offer.

You will find 3 businesses located at the Airport and they include:

For all of your charter flight needs.

For your maintenance needs and parts

When you decide that flying is in your blood – contact them for classe and available instructors


The airport identifier is PEO

FSS: BUF 122.6 (or)1-800WX-BRIEF

UNICOM: 123.0   ASOS 121.175

There are currently 2 runways, one at 3,561 feet and the other at 5,500 feet

Two Enclosed Hangars

1) 22,000 sq ft

2) 6,000 sq ft


-42′ W X 14’H Bi-Fold Doors

– Includes Electric

If you are interested in any of the services, contact them at the above numbers.  There is also property available for private development.  See you in the air !


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Keuka Lake Fishing Regulations for 2013

Finger Lakes Specific Regulations

fishing Keuka Lake

photo courtesy of

 Logan 2017 movie


 Logan 2017 movie

Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Landlocked Salmon – can be fished all year – allowed a 5 fish combination with a maximum of 1 Rainbow Trout or 3 Landlocked Salmon – minimum length 15 inches

 Logan 2017 movie

Black Bass 3rd Saturday in June – March 15 2014  daily limit of 5 – minimum length of 12 inches (there is a special season March 16th through Friday before the 3rd Saturday in June, catch and release is allowed with artificial lures only )

 Logan 2017 movie

Northern Pike– 1st Saturday in May – March 15th 2014 – daily limit of 5 – minimum of 22 inches

 Logan 2017 movie

Walleye– 1st Saturday in May – March 15th 2014 – daily limit of 3 – minimum of 18 inches

 Logan 2017 movie

The DEC has established a specific list of bait fish that may be purchased – please purchase your bait fish from dealers that sell certified disease-free bait.  This helps to ensure a great supply of healthy fish for your fishing enjoyment.

If you are 16 or older you are required to have a fishing license – for questions you can call the Central NY Fishing Hotline 607-753-1551

 Logan 2017 movie

Statewide Regulations

For statewide regulations, log onto

This information brought to you by Mary St.George, Associate Real Estate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377 [email protected]

 Logan 2017 movie

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Fuzzy Guppies – Fun For Kids In The Finger Lakes !


It’s that time of the year with the weather breaking and hope closing in of warmer weather and outdoor activities that we start to solidify our vacation plans.  If you will be spending time at a  vacation home on Cayuga Lake, Seneca Lake or the River,Fuzzy Guppies has family fun in mind for you. And it is only a short drive from some of the other Finger Lakes like Keuka Lake. This year while vacationing in the Finger Lakes, take a break from the lake and stop down to see what the fun is all about.  You may even want to try one out. Then stop down to the River Park Grille for a mouth-watering burger.



You can rent canoes or kayaks here, and you can sign your kids up, to romp around in the canal in these giant hamster like balls.  The kids just love them.  Watch the video above and watch some of the fun.

Looking for a vacation home on Keuka Lake, Seneca Lake, Cayuga Lake or any of the other Finger Lakes, give me a call and you will soon be enjoying your own vacation home right here in the beautiful Finger Lakes !

This information brought to you by Mary St.George, Associate Real Estate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377,[email protected]

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My Apologies For Any Errors Past Present And To Come

In writing my blog, I am like anyone else.  I have typos, the misuse of grammar and sometimes information that does not present itself in the correct manner.  Some of the information is from public documents or portals and some of the information is from my opinions or has been accumulated from statistical measures that I have put together. 

 I try to take my own pictures or use ones available to the public, or even sometimes purchase pictures.  When the pictures are not mine, I try to give credit to the photographer when known. Of course this is not always possible.

If any information gets out on my blog that contains errors, I will indeed make the corrections.  I am far from perfect and even the best newspapers and journals end up printing errors after numerous runs by editors.    I always have my contact information loud and clear on my blog so that anyone with a concern can contact me. 

So if I have offended anyone – I really am sorry and apologize for my short comings.  I want my blog to be informative and interesting.

I will attempt to do a better job of making less errors in 2013.




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Current Water Temps In The Finger Lakes

For current and interactive temperature stats on Keuka Lake, you can visit the Keuka Lake Association’s page.  It will look like the graph below. The KLA has played an integral part in maintaining the sparkling clean waters of Keuka Lake.  The organization was formed in 1956 and is composed of a very dedicated board that keeps abreast of all issues in the watershed that could potentially affect the water quality of the lake.  If you have any water quality questions about Keuka Lake, these are the people to contact. 

mary st george - lakefront realtor

 The temperatures on the other Finger Lakes are averaging around 70 degrees, a comfortable temperature for all of your water sports.   Skaneateles Lake is showing a modest 67 degrees earlier this morning.  I see at least another two weeks of comfortable lake temps for swimming and water skiing.

Enjoy the lake while you can !

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