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Keuka Studios – Your Source For Custom Cable Railings and More !

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Having a view to the lake is sometimes just as grand as having a property right on the lake.  Of course some railings can obscure the view, not with cable railings. Cable railings allow you to see out to the views as if nothing exists between you and lakes and hills and yet they still maintain the safety and security you desire.  And why not feel more as one with nature , especially so stylishly ?



I came across this company while writing a blog about the infamous “Mushroom House” in Bushnells Basin.  The name Keuka is very unique and I have only seen the word at and around Keuka Lake.  So when I saw that the designers of the railings and some metalwork were done by Keuka Studios, I had to find out more.  As I was perusing the internet looking for more samples of their work, I received an email from Dan White, the founder of the company offering any additional videos and photos I may like to use in my blogs.  (I really admire companies that reach out and acknowledge me and offer assistance .)

Besides constructing and designing some of the most beautiful railings for some very notable clients, they also make custom furniture utilizing their metalworking skills, and custom pieces for function and decor.  To see more about their business and view their photo gallery, visit Keuka Studios .

The family has a history with Keuka Lake and Studio gives the feeling of handcrafted, and that is how the name came about.  All I know, is that they create some beautiful pieces.

How about a custom door leading to your private wine cellar ?  I just love this door.  To me it says “Finger Lakes”.



For more information :

Keuka Studios, Inc.

1011 Rush Henrietta Town Line Rd.
Rush, NY 14543

Ph: (585) 487-6148
Fx: (585) 487-6150

or visit their website:


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Spoken by Mary St. George | Discussion: 1 Comment » Your Keuka Lake Home is one of the best resources that I have come across in many years.  Not only can you browse through the website, by subject, photos, articles or discussions, but you can ask questions of the many people who are members of There are plenty of photos and many are realistic showing real life homes of members.  You can submit your photos as well.



As you can see by the sidebar, you have numerous options to browse by.  My dentist and his wife used to decide on many components of  the lake view home they were building.  You can go to stores and walk up and down aisles, but to actually see a product being used, now that is the key to making a decision for the product.

So if you are thinking about updating or redesigning your lakefront property, think about  You will be pleasantly surprised.

You can create your personal design books.  They allow you to save ideas you like in one place and you can have several books, maybe one for each room.  Signing up is free, so what are you waiting for ?

If you are looking to purchase a  lakefront property in the Finger Lakes, contact me.  If you are looking for ideas, contact

This information brought to you by Mary St. George Realtor, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377


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Are You Pre-Approved or Pre-Qualified To Purchase A Lake Home ?

The housing market is heating up, the buyers are out, mortgage rates still sit at record lows, housing prices are still grounded, but the market is moving from a buyers market to a seller’s market.  It seems like we went to sleep to a buyers benefit and woke up to a sellers dream, that is literally how fast the changeover occurred.

In the past you made a decision to purchase a property, then you started looking at all of the real estate ads.  Then realtors told you to have one leg up on another buyer, you needed to get pre-qualified.  This would at least give you an idea if you really can afford the home of your dreams. Now to bid on a home ( submit an offer to purchase ), you really should be pre-approved.  The difference ?

  • Pre-qualification – basically a mortgage broker asks simple questions of the buyers, such as income level and current loan commitments such as car loans and possibly a current mortgage.  This helps to determine how much of a home you can purchase ( the dollar amount )

*  Many times with just a prequal letter, the lender puts you at their mercy knowing that time is of the essence.  Basically once you sign the contract, you need to find a lender immediately to  meet contingency commitments of the contract

  • Pre-approval – this is where you actually submit proof of income and all financial obligations  and a credit report is pulled.  With rates still so low, many buyers also start here to move towards a commitment quicker, allowing the buyer to lock in to a specific rate.   With the change in times – this is the way to start.

* Pre-approval saves time spent looking at homes you can not afford

* Buyers can normally close quicker since most of the paperwork is done

* When multiple offers are placed on a home you like, a pre-approval letter just may give you the edge you need


As one attorney just told me ” The best offer on the table is not always the highest  offer.”  We were talking about a couple of offers that were presented on a property.  The first offer has a large down payment and the buyer already had secured a pre-approval on the balance.  The second offer  was cash for a couple thousand more.  ( I know you think the second offer was much better. ) The sellers attorney recommended that a stipulation with the second offer be presented.  Just because someone says they have funds available does not necessarily mean they are liquid ( available on short notice ). So instead of an acceptance of the offer from the second buyer, a counter was given that stated ” Buyer must have funds put into escrow within two business days.”   As things turned out, the first offer was the one that actually worked out.

Many times cash buyers assume because they can put cash on the table, the seller will just turn over for them.  However, if the seller has a highly desirable property, it may be financially strategic for them to take a higher offer with a mortgage contingency.  the buyer is indeed pre-approved, the process between the two offers can be as little as two weeks in time.

So for serious buyers, make sure that you are pre-approved or have qualified funds that can be withdrawn on a short notice. And when you are serious about purchasing your lake property, give me a call to start looking at the lake homes for sale on Keuka, Canandaigua or Seneca Lakes.

This information brought to you by Mary St. George Realtor, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377

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Choosing Your Keuka Lake Real Estate Agent To Find Your Lakefront Property


When looking for a realtor to find your vacation or year round home on Keuka Lake, there are a few things to think about.

  • Find a Realtor that will show you all of the listings that fit your wants and needs.  In New York, Realtors should work cooperatively with other brokers and agents
  • A Realtor that has their name all over, might just be too busy to work with buyers
  • It is best to find one Realtor versus just calling and looking by listing.  A Realtor that has signed on with you as a buyers agent, is the one that will best represent your interests.
  • Find a Realtor that is willing to work  around your schedule, because after all we will be working for you – if they are to busy, it might be  a sign to look for another agent.
  • When you find Realtor that you are comfortable with, sign a Buyer Agency Agreement with that agent – after all, they will be spending a lot of time with and for you.  They only get paid when they help you find a property and it closes.  The seller will then pay the commission, not you, unless you have made other arrangements.
  • The Realtor should be very familiar with the area and can give you lists of stores, schools, restaurants and any other service you need .
  • The Number One or Best Producing Realtor may also not have enough time to spend with you, or at least quality time.
  • Ask your Realtor about the best ways to stay in contact.  Some folks like email or text messages, while some still like to use the telephone..  If you have a cell phone, make sure your Realtor has that number as well. Your Realtor should be willing to obtain information for you, run a list of comparative properties against any you are interested in, move information between parties engaged in the contract such as attorneys, listing agent, banks and surveyors.

If you are not sure who to call, the safe bet is to talk to myself or any of the other agents in our office.

This information brought to you by Mary St. George Realtor, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377

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Finance Your Equity To Purchase Your Lakefront Home In The Finger Lakes


If we have equity in real estate and can move the equity into another piece of real estate, we are minimizing vacant homes, creating new sales streams and generating confidence in the market.

For the fortunate individuals that have an equity base, they have the opportunity to reinvest their monies into real estate that will both benefit an economy and their personal enjoyment. Extend this idea to a lakefront home,  and you are creating revenues for a small town or village as well as the luxury to be able to create amazing memories for both family and friends.

With prices still very competitive, and rates low, borrowing against your own money is sometimes better than an outlay of cash.  Talk to your tax accountant and see what benefits may be in store for you and what options are available.  Then call me to look for that perfect lakefront property.  You deserve it, right?


This information brought to you by Mary St. George, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377

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