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Protecting Keuka Lake – The KLA

Formed in 1956 the Keuka Lake Association has been in the forefront to protect and preserve the lake.   Through the collaboration of many, this group that can be considered a watch dog group, educators about the watershed, and the basis for information about beautiful Keuka Lake.  If you want to know the current water temperature, you can stop by the page and see not just the current temp, but comparable temperatures of the previous 2 yrs graphed in a very readable fashion. You can view pictures of the lake and see information about the lake in a trivia type form.

I recommend that all of my real estate clients invest the few dollars a year to be a member of this organization.  I believe it is currently $30.00 per year.  They do great things to protect the water that we all so enjoy.   So if you care about Keuka Lake and would like to pass on the enjoyment to your family members for years to come, stop by the website of the KLA.


This information brought to you by Mary St. George, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377

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Seneca Lake – Poplar Point Vintage Cottage and Lot For Sale


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Poplar Point – this breathtaking property has been in the same family for approximately 60 years.  There have been many picnics, birthday parties and just plain old family gatherings here.  Oh…the memories that have been made here.  The sailing, the fishing, the boating, skipping stones, dodgeball, catching fireflies and the perfect setting to see all of the fireworks being fired up and down the lake. There was always plenty of room to pitch extra tents for the extra overnight guests.  Now that the youngest generation has grown and dispersed outside of the area, it is time to pass this loving property onto a new family. 

225 feet of lakefront as it forms a point offers plenty of room for boats and swimming on Seneca Lake.  The lawn is flat allowing you to run right into the lake.  2.25 acres of property gives you room to enjoy the property as is or build your new home of memories.  The choice is yours.

This absolutely wonderful Seneca Lake property is being offered for $699,000.  The MLS # is R184282 .  Call today for your private viewing of a most extraordinary property with so many options.  Seneca Lake is one of the larger of the eleven Finger Lakes.

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This information brought to you by Mary St. George, Associate Broker, and Seth Olney ,Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377 If you are interested in selling or buying lakefront property in the Finger Lakes, we are the ones to call !

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The Floating Keuka Lake House


You have heard of folks purchasing homes, especially when they are historic homes and moving them.  It is quite an event to watch a house being moved and has even been the basis for reality TV.

Now lets take things up a notch – lets move a lake house  across the lake.  Not around, but literally across the water. Read the rest of this entry »

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Yummy ! Wine Ice Cream…


Looking around the ice cream cooler recently in our local Byrne Dairy store, I came across Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream.  My first thought was  ” Wow ! What took them so long ? ”  After all, I live in the middle of the Finger Lakes Wine area, the second largest wine-producing area in the US.

I have had home-made wine flavored sorbet in a restaurant for dessert before, but have never seen mass-produced wine ice cream.  

Of course I had to visit Mercer’s website and found out they have been in business for many years, developing from many other companies and names.  They began a little North from my location and that may be why I had never come across this company in the past.

Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream is available in the following varietals:

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The Chair On The Lake…

Sometime in 2008 I decided to start a blog about lakefront properties in the Finger Lakes.  Blogs were becoming the hot topic and most people did not even know what a blog was, myself included.  I came across a professional group with the intent of educating realtors about blogs, and they referred to themselves as  “The Real Estate Tomato“.  Having a marketing background, I found them very creative in their approach.

I wanted to be like them, only instead of being the authority on how to blog and what to blog, I wanted to be the real estate authority for the lakefront properties in the Finger Lakes,by blogging in my area. 

As things go, I took the classes, learned a lot of things about HTML, SEO, how to integrate photos and written text into an informational dialogue that folks would read.  So far so good.  But as I said, “As things go”, I was side tracked with another career at the time and only practiced real estate part-time and did not have enough time in my busy schedule to “Blog”.

Now that I am back into Real Estate full-time, I am finding more time to blog and enjoying it more than ever.  I am finally realizing, that the more I blog, the more feedback I receive.  Once folks start to find your blog, they start to interact with your site, it increases your site’s ratings, and people start to see you as a local “authority”.  Folks are looking at  my website for information about Keuka Lake and Canandaigua Lake. 

As you can see since you are visiting my site, that my blog is titled ” The Chair On The Lake” .  I try to keep the site informative and fun at the same time.  I blog about real estate in the area, events, restaurants, design ideas, decks and docks,  and local businesses that contribute to the enjoyment of those visiting these wonderful Finger Lakes.

I love any feedback you have to give, as this is a continual learning process for me.  My intent is to use more videos in my blogs and to keep the blogs minimal in content.   This is now 2012 and my blog has evolved and I would like to keep it that way.  I will continue to learn with the Real Estate Tomatoes and hopefully all of the knowledge I gain will make my blogs more enjoyable to read.

In the mean time if you have any real estate needs at all, I am a licensed real estate associate broker with Wine Trail Properties.  I can assist you with buying or selling a property.








This information brought to you by Mary St. George, your favorite lakefront realtor in the Finger Lakes, 315-719-8377

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