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I Have Gone Mobile !

Going mobile:

I have been blogging for a while now and when Jim Cronin ( the big tomato at theYour Keuka Lake Rea Estate Agent is now mobile !

Real Estate Tomatoes ) asked who would be interested in a mobile version, I jumped right on board.  Just as putting the blog together was, this will be a learning experience as well, but one I look forward to.  

Your Keuka Lake Real Estate Agent is now Mobile !

Currently the mobile version is only available on iPhones, but the tech savvy group at the Real Estate Tomatoes, are working on a version for the Droids.
Of course every time I hear the term going Mobile, I think of the who and their infamous song “Going Mobile”.  It was on one of the first albums I ever purchased.
If you have an iPhone I would love for you to check out the mobile version and would love your feedback.  It is still in the development stage, which means it is continually being updated.

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A Keuka Lake Inspired Poem “The Day” by Jonathan Heller

September 26th, 2013 categories: Keuka Lake

Keuka Lake can be an inspiration for so many things.   A young man by the name of Jonathan Heller wrote the following poem based on his love of Keuka Lake.  Enjoy !



THE DAY by Jonathan Heller

Small waves gently …
splash ashore
Birds sing their morning songs                                           Keuka Lake
Boats start up
As they prepare to go out
Children swim,laugh
The table is set
Dinner is ready
Adults chatter on and on
About their day
Children rush to eat
So they can play hide-n-go-seek
They laugh and scream joyfully
At night the campfire
As marshmallows
All is done
Children are hushed by parents
To sleep….shhhhhh……
The day ends:

Keuka Day

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Infamous & Whimsical Mackenzie-Childs Estate Has Been Reduced In Price

August 8th, 2013 categories: Keuka Lake

You can now secure this amazing property with lake views, landscaped gardens and enchanting interior for only $975,000.  Richard and Victoria MacKenzie-Childs are ready to move on from this large and spectacular art project.  As many of you know, they have renovated  a large tug boat that looks up to the New York City skyline, and have made it their new focus of attention.  It is just as fun and whimsical as this grand estate.

The estate pays homage to the dedication and creativity of this well-known and celebrated, artistic couple, whose designs are instantly recognized all over the world.   You too can be living large in the midst of a fun and  a one-of-a kind estate.  Everything has been designed by the couple from the furniture to the little paper dolls hanging from  the ceiling in one of the bathrooms.  Tutu embellished floor lamps, bedpost with turkeys, a sculpture standing guard made from various products and of course their black and white check  floors and  trim are found throughout the home.

They are now ready to turn over this showcase property to new owners that will in turn add their own personal touch. And how is this for a great garage/studio ?

Built in 1790, this grand home offers 8,180 square feet on just over 43 acres.  Plenty of room to do just about anything you want.  This could be a generational vacation home ( there are 10 bedrooms and 7 full baths ) or the perfect place for a Bed and Breakfast.  With the new artist trail falling into place in he Finger Lakes, possible a gift shop ?  You decide how you will make it yours.

Let me know if you would like to view this property, serious inquiries only. This is a special home waiting for that special person.


The home is being represented by Select Sotheby’s International Real Estate.


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Lt Gov Bob Duffy – Keuka Lake Welcomes You !

June 7th, 2013 categories: Information, Keuka Lake

welcome to keuka lake

I still think of him as Mayor Duffy the former Mayor of Rochester NY,  but he is now known by his new title, Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy.  The Lt Governor has made Keuka Lake part of his lifestyle, by purchasing a lake front home on the Bluff . What a great person to have as our neighbor.

Besides being a mayor previous to his current position, he was also the Police Chief of Rochester NY from 1998 to 2005.  From his current position of Lt Gov. for Gov. Cuomo back to all of his previous positions, he was and is considered a well liked and reasonable man.   He joins the ranks on Keuka Lake with the current Mayor of Rochester, Thomas Richards.

RobertJDuffy - keuka lake

A huge heartfelt welcome goes out to Lt Gov. Robert Duffy , his wife and two daughters from all of us on Keuka Lake.  We look forward to seeing you spending time in our little neck of the woods.

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Kayak Fishing On Keuka Lake

June 5th, 2013 categories: Information, Keuka Lake

keuka lake realtor

Kayaking has become a very popular activity in and around the waters of the Finger Lakes.  It offers a nice stress free way of relaxing and the opportunity to get some fresh air and a little exercise. I see many people out in the waters in their kayaks, young and old.

keuka realtor

Fishing takes on a whole new feel, when you give up the motors os a boat for a nice relaxing afternoon on the lake in your kayak, moving at your own pace.  You slowly paddle to where you want to be cast a line and just sit back and relax.

keuka lake realtor

Photo by Nigel Kent

Many outdoor stores can give you some ideas to outfit your kayak to make your fishing adventure enjoyable. You don’t need a lot.

Photo by Nigel Kent

Photo by Nigel Kent

 Keuka Lake offers so many nice coves to fish in as well as the Keuka Outlet.  The outlet is also a great place to launch your kayak.

Photo by Nigel Kent

Photo by Nigel Kent

If fishing out of a boat has become tedious and expensive, try fishing out of a kayak.  There is no gasoline to worry about, no backing the trailer and waiting in lines to launch your boat and nothing to worry about doing by yourself.  Instead just pull the kayak off your vehicle, grab your gear and in the water you go.

For more information about fishing contact my friends at :

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