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Canandaigua Lake Sales – Last 90 Days

These are the lake sales for Canandaigua Lake for the last 90 days.  3 sales were for cash and three were via conventional mortgages.

These sales do not reflect any of the high-end sales in the last year.

 Image unavailable
4759 West Lake Rd
Canandaigua NY 14424
$685,000 $655,000 CASH
 Image unavailable 657 Fisher Rd
Rushville NY 14544
$325,000 $312,000 CONVENTIONAL
 Image unavailable 5300 Sunnyside
Middlesex NY 14507
$339,900 $320,000 CONVENTIONAL
 Image unavailable
7065 State Route 21
Naples NY 14512
$329,000 $312,000 CASH
 Image unavailable 4500 Lake Dr
Canandaigua NY 14424
$675,000 $520,000 CONVENTIONAL
 Image unavailable
3516 Sandy Beach
Canandaigua NY 14424
$299,900 $315,000 CASH




If you would like more information about the Canandaigua Lake property market or any of the other Finger Lakes.  Just give me a call.

Reviewing some of the statistics will help you determine a good pricing strategy to sell your property and will assist buyers in determining a fair price for your market.

This information brought to you by Mary St. George, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377




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Canandaigua Lake “Cross” House

As a Realtor, we view a lot of homes via an aerial view and for many reasons. Sometimes our buyers want to know the lay of the land or how densely populated the area is.  During these viewings we come across some interesting shapes of homes as seen from the air.

Do you see the shape of the cross ?  This home is owned by the Robert Wegman family.  Mr Wegman was very involved with the Catholic church in Rochester, NY and was responsible for many generous donations to the Catholic Church and its schools.  So it only makes sense that the roof line would be in the shape of a cross.

Robert Wegman was also the father of Danny Wegman who helped make the Wegman name well known all over the country for its innovative approach in grocery merchandising and for being a top 100 place to work.

 The Wegman family owns many properties on Canandaigua Lake, but this is my favorite.  It is easily spotted when flying overhead.

If you are looking to own a lakefront property on Canandaigua Lake with a similar luxury setting, then give me a call.  Offerings of properties similar to these are few and far between, but I can let you now when one becomes available allowing you to act fast.

This information brought to you by your favorite lakefront Realtor, Mary St. George, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377

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Seth Olney Joins Wine Trail Properties For Your Keuka Lake Needs

Everyone on the East side of Keuka Lake knows Seth for his great deli specials and they all love him for his special offerings and great service.  He is one of the well-known proprietors of  “The Olney Place” .   Biting into one of his famous “Rachel” sandwiches, you know you are on the lake and the season to enjoy is here.

Well now you can go to Seth for your other needs, with that being real estate.  Yes, he will assist you in buying or selling your Keuka Lake properties.  Looking for great hunting land?  Being a native of the area, he knows all about the great hunting areas.


Seth is a welcome addition to our office and can be your connection to lakefront living, all with a personal touch.  Stop in and say Hi – tell him Mary sent you!




This information brought to you by your favorite Keuka Lake Realtor, Mary St. George, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377  Your Personal Connection To Lakefront Living !







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Standing In Wait For Keuka Lake

Since many portions of Keuka Lake freeze during the Winter, with the exception of this past Winter (2011-2012) portable docks are used so that they may be removed .  The weather has been unseasonably warm so far, and it seems like the docks should already be in the water.  Of course we are just going into April, which means the possibility of bad weather still.

Soon enough you will see figures of people dressed in their wet suits quickly and efficiently redesigning the shoreline as it should be.

The dock inserts stacked and ready to go.

The moss and zebra mussels ready to be reacquainted with their familiar Keuka Lake environment.

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Cottage Essentials

Besides food and drink, there are a few things expected at all cottages.  Without a fire pit, how do you cook your marshmallows ?  Telling ghost stories without a fire, is just not right.   







Those cool nights command a couple of extra quilts and blankets.

Rainy days bring out the board games and puzzles.


For those great days on the water rowing around and fishing off the dock ….





 A clothes line to dry the wet suits, a line to pull the boat in,  to use in tug of war, to hang off a large tree limb and swing into the lake, Yes, of course I am talking about a rope.  You can never have too many ropes at a lake house or on a boat.

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