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Keuka Lake – Multiple Offers ?

Yes, multiple offers are back, and it’s a sign that the market is warming up.  As either a buyer or seller, I have a few recommendations for you.

How To Handle a Bidding War  – A Few Tips 

• The highest offer isn’t always the best offer.You want to take a look at the contingencies in the contract.  They could cause delays and more costs.

• Make your decision quickly.

• Do not decide to start looking for more than your asking price, the bidding can stop at any time and leave you with no offers.

• Always be mindful that you do need a buyer, so keep their interest in mind.


• Start with your best offer. A lowball offer will put you out of the running immediately – offer your best fair offer.

• Earnest money can make a difference. Increase your earnest money deposit to show the seller you are serious about closing and will not back out of the transaction.

• Pre-approval is a must in any market, and more so in a hot market. A mortgage pre-approval (or proof of funds for cash buyers) is a necessity.

 • Find out what’s important to the seller. Ask your broker to find out the seller’s hot buttons in the transaction. Is the seller set to move ?  Are they looking at purchasing another home once they find a buyer for their current home?  Maybe they’re willing to accept a slightly lower price for a fast closing or an “as-is” contract.

• Sometimes you will want to waive contingencies. Depending on the condition of the home, your finances and/or the state of your local market, it may make sense to waive certain contingencies, such as a home inspection or mortgage financing. Waiving contingencies is something you really want to think out. 

As I was putting together this blog, one of my Keuka Lake property listings became fodder for a bidding war.  It came out of  left field and caught me by surprise. It has been quite awhile since I have seen this type of market.  It is actually very difficult for the seller to make a decision with multiple offers, especially when they know the parties . Staying professional and reminding your seller of their objectives will help them make the best decision for their needs.

 Contact me anytime, and remember I always appreciate your referrals.

This information brought to you by Mary St.George, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377

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Seneca Lake Real Estate Stats

As you can see 2007 was the best year in sales dollar totals from 2002 thru 2011.  Last year was the best year in sales on Seneca Lake since thee property dives in 2008.  So far it looks like we are on par for another great sales year.

The increase in sales can be attributed to market confidence, record low mortgage rates and an alternative investment option for those still uncertain about the stock market.

With sales being revitalized, buyers need to think harder about making their offers. If sales trends continue, we will be seeing the market swing to the sellers benefit.  That will mean an increase in prices and a smaller inventory to choose from. So if the property looks good, looks like something that will fit your needs,then you need to  move on it.

For help in selling or buying your Seneca Lake property, you can call on us.  We are here for you to make your buying and selling experience more desirable.  Let me be your personal connection to lakefront living.

This information brought to you by Mary St.George, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377

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Seneca Lake – Poplar Point Vintage Cottage and Lot For Sale


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Poplar Point – this breathtaking property has been in the same family for approximately 60 years.  There have been many picnics, birthday parties and just plain old family gatherings here.  Oh…the memories that have been made here.  The sailing, the fishing, the boating, skipping stones, dodgeball, catching fireflies and the perfect setting to see all of the fireworks being fired up and down the lake. There was always plenty of room to pitch extra tents for the extra overnight guests.  Now that the youngest generation has grown and dispersed outside of the area, it is time to pass this loving property onto a new family. 

225 feet of lakefront as it forms a point offers plenty of room for boats and swimming on Seneca Lake.  The lawn is flat allowing you to run right into the lake.  2.25 acres of property gives you room to enjoy the property as is or build your new home of memories.  The choice is yours.

This absolutely wonderful Seneca Lake property is being offered for $699,000.  The MLS # is R184282 .  Call today for your private viewing of a most extraordinary property with so many options.  Seneca Lake is one of the larger of the eleven Finger Lakes.

 download full film The Shack 2017

This information brought to you by Mary St. George, Associate Broker, and Seth Olney ,Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377 If you are interested in selling or buying lakefront property in the Finger Lakes, we are the ones to call !

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A Unique Home For You In The Finger Lakes ? Get Me Roger Stone


Everyone once in a while, someone calls us up looking for “something different” to purchase as in an old firehouse, school or church.   Currently we have a church for sale and now just waiting for the right buyer.  Of course the church could be purchased for so many uses, but I would just love it, if someone could really turn it into something extraordinary as in the “Ballard House” pictured on the left.  

This church is located in Seattle, but could just as easily be located in Dundee NY where our listing is located. 

Our church listing is located at 8 Union St in Dundee and has 4,688 sq ft.

Just think what you could do in this space creatively.

For more ideas, check the link above and if you would like to make this your personal “unusual” home or business, just give us a call for a private viewing.  At only $54,000 you can not go wrong.   315-719-8377                           MLS#  R170394

This information brought to you Mary St. George, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties

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Keuka Lake Listings – Making It Easy For You

Wine Trail Properties


When searching on Wine Trail Properties’ web site, you can now search for lakefront properties much easier.  It will bring up a screen like the one you see above.  This helps when you are looking for a specific area of Keuka Lake for your next vacation home, or for some their new year-round home.

Just click on the Properties tab on the main screen, scroll down to Keuka Lake or any other lake that you are interested in.   A screen similar to the above picture will come up with a map and directly below it, all of the listings available in price order from low to high.  You can always access the same information from the main screen, but many like the map feature to give them a better idea of location for the listing.  We welcome any feedback you have when viewing our website, the good, the bad and the ugly.  We are continually updating our site based on your needs and likes.

Don’t forget when you are ready to start looking at some of the these Keuka Lake properties, to give me a call.  I look forward to being your lakefront realtor and your personal connection to lakefront living !

This information brought to you by Mary St. George, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377 – Call Me !


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