Current Water Temps In The Finger Lakes

For current and interactive temperature stats on Keuka Lake, you can visit the Keuka Lake Association’s page.  It will look like the graph below. The KLA has played an integral part in maintaining the sparkling clean waters of Keuka Lake.  The organization was formed in 1956 and is composed of a very dedicated board that keeps abreast of all issues in the watershed that could potentially affect the water quality of the lake.  If you have any water quality questions about Keuka Lake, these are the people to contact. 

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 The temperatures on the other Finger Lakes are averaging around 70 degrees, a comfortable temperature for all of your water sports.   Skaneateles Lake is showing a modest 67 degrees earlier this morning.  I see at least another two weeks of comfortable lake temps for swimming and water skiing.

Enjoy the lake while you can !

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Revlon Founders Former Summer Home For Sale On Skaneateles Lake

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This spacious lakefront home on beautiful Skaneateles Lake was the previous summer home of Revlon founder Charles Revson.    It then became one of the homes of the Bouvier family ( as in Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis ).  The current owners have owned it for many years now.  Skaneateles Lake

Somewhere along the way it has been modified with some of the interior giving the feel of a more formal time period and some of the house a mid-century look.  All in all, it is a great location, located on the more desirable East side of Skaneateles Lake.  The home flows down a 2 acre flowing grass lawn to the lake where you will find an original boat house that has been converted into living space, complete with a wood burning fireplace and kitchen and a little doll house.  The doll house could easily be converted into a creative bunk house.  ( see my blogs on bunk house ideas )





Yes both of these rooms are in the same home.  This four bedroom three bath home offers many options for family, friends and guests.  Besides utilizing the 3,156 square foot home, you have the option of using the converted boat house or the doll house. 

3395 East Lake Rd.  Skaneateles,NY 13152 is available for $2,450,000 which as you can see is priced to sell.  Of course what makes this home so desirable is the lakefront and the views.  The calming, pristine waters of Skaneateles Lake will present itself with a showcase of sailboats sailing by, kayakers paddling along or just a show of rippling waters with the sun dancing and glistening across each wave.

I know you like to see lots of pictures – so here are some more.  These will give you a better feel of the 180 feet of lakefront and the great views.

                      In this photo you can just see the boat house and the doll house

skaneateles lake

             How about just relaxing and taking in the view from the rear deck of your home…

This great home has just come on the market and at this price will most likely move quick.  If you would like to set up an appointment to view this home and would like to make Skaneateles Lake your place of summer enjoyment, then call, text or email me.

Information supplied by NYS MLS listed under MLS #S276104

Your Lakefront Realtor Mary St.George, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377, Your Personal Connection to Lakefront Living, [email protected]

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Rethinking The Addition Of An Outdoor Kitchen

One of the biggest decorating and remodeling trends in the last ten years, was to add an outdoor kitchen.

 Sounds great, right?  Before you take on a project like this, I have some recommendations.

  1. Decide on how much your budget will be.  Added costs could be running water lines to outdoor sinks and electrical  wiring to outdoor refrigerators and the ability to run appliances.  You do not want to depend on extension cords.
  2. Be realistic on how much you will be using it.  Is this a whim that just sounds great, or do you spend a lot of time outdoors?
  3. Will you enjoy being in the full sun for hours cooking? You may want to consider a covered area to maintain a shield from the sun and this will be an additional cost to the project.
  4. How will the outdoor elements in your locality affect your outdoor kitchen?  Salt water ice and cold can be very harmful on just about anything,
  5. Will there be additional maintenance involved to shut things down and open back up because of weather concerns?  In the North, water lines will have to be drained and turned off.  How will snow and ice accumulation affect stone walls and floors ? Will your appliances be affected by salt water in the air?
  6. Will you be selling your home in the near future or is there the possibility?  If so, your money may be better spent inside the home where you will receive a better return on your investment.
  7. Talk to friends and family to get some input on what they like and don’t like about their outdoor kitchen.  Ask them what they would do differently if they had to do it all over. Their input will help in your decision-making.

Installing an outdoor kitchen can run between $3,000 and $10,000.  Of course this number can run higher if more upgrades are added such as a covered area pictured on the right. 

Depending on the design you choose, the proximity of the home may be an important factor as well.  Even if you love the outdoors, you still have to get items from point A to point B.

After all the review and debate and you favor an outdoor kitchen installation, remember to request estimates from at least three contractors.  You will want to visit some completed sites as well. 

When complete, don’t forget to invite your friends and family to share in your enjoyment !


This information brought to you by your favorite realtor, Mary St.George, Associate Broker, Wine Trail Properties, 315-719-8377,[email protected] Your Personal Connection to Lakefront Living



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Keuka Lake Has Become Hot – All Because Of Anne Hathaway

August 15th, 2012 categories: Keuka Lake

I normally receive 60 – 100 visitors on my Blog daily, and like anything else, some topics are hotter than others.   Looking at my stats based on my blogs, helps me to determine what my viewers like.  Well, I was not prepared for this recent outcome.  There are now 5-10 people reading my blog at one time.  I have never seen stats like that before, not even when I wrote about the Travolta full Snatched movie online

keuka lake

So what is the hot topic ?  Anne Hathaway, the mega s-tar know as the new Catwoman in the new movie The Dark Knight Rises.  I put together a little blog about her being in the Keuka Lake area, and voila, everyone wants to know the when, where and why.    Some rumors have been verified with photos and others from the owners of the businesses she was seen at.

Her parents came to Keuka Lake and rented a home.  Anne ended up here visiting with them.  She has been seen at restaurants, wineries, the local movie theater, taking in shops in Hammondsport ( The Coolest Small Town in the US ) and at antique shops with her dad.

Another blog has her coming to the area to look at wedding sites.  That is not verified, but who knows. mary

I must be getting older, because I did not realize the star power she brought.  Everyone is talking about her being in the area, from the folks in the beauty shops, to the radio and tv news programs.  I have to admit, it is nice to receive “good” publicity about Keuka Lake.

And who knows, maybe she will want to purchase a lakefront home while here.  And why not, everyone else already knows that this area offers a slice of heaven.  I would love to find her the perfect home on Keuka Lake, but then of course I could not tell you about it.   Confidentiality agreements come with all clients that I work with that request it.

For Keuka Lake homes for sale – call, text or email  -315-719-8377, [email protected] or click on the search bar on the sidebar.

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Finger Lakes Music & Wine Festival, Seneca Lake

August 15th, 2012 categories: Seneca Lake

Lakefront Park along the shore of beautiful Seneca Lake in Geneva, New York, will be the setting the second annual Finger Lakes Music & Wine Festival on August 17 & 18, 2012.

Event promoters are also looking to put this wine tasting event into the Guinness Book of Records for the largest wine tasting event.  The event will include a diverse selection of music that will include  Classic Rock, Country, Jazz and Blues.  Wineries from across the state will have their very best to showcase and sample.  

According to   “At 7:00PM a “Call to Action” will summon wine tasters to converge in the wine tasting area to be officially counted between 7:00-8:00PM to break the record with 5,096 participants. Mr. Philip Robertson, adjudicator of Guinness World Records NA, will preside over the attempt and will be available to the media for interviews as of 2:00PM at the festival site.”

So if you are interested in being counted as a participant, you will need to insure you have your ticket in hand and be tasting wines at 7PM on the 18th of August 2012.  

This information brought to you by your favorite lakefront realtor, Mary St.George, Associate Broker, , Your Personal Connection to Lakefront Living, 315-719-8377,

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