Keuka Lake Wine Trail Celebrates 30 Years !

keuka lake wine trail winterWhen I first located in the Finger Lakes region from Rochester, I was of course impressed with the landscape colored with vineyards, rolling hills and the blue lakes that these wandering hills surrounded.  The lakes became a huge source of enjoyment to my two young boys.  They played in the water, swam and eventually ventured onto the lakes with their own boats.  There have been lots of lakeside parties with friends and fun days out on the boat.

Through all of this, I have watched the Keuka Lake Wine Trail grow with the addition of so many great wineries.  The most recent addition that I am familiar with, is Vineyard View.  I have the luxury of knowing the young men and woman that own and run this winery.  My sons have been friends with this family since their school days here in the area.  My youngest son also held his rehearsal dinner at the winery recently.

When family or friends come to the area, there are a few wineries that are favorites on our tour for both the wines and views.  Each is unique in their offerings.  Some even have wonderful restaurants or cafe’s for an added experience.  No matter which winery or wineries you choose to visit, you will be graciously welcomed.

Keuka Lake Wine Trail Celebrates 30 Years

Through the years this lake has supported me in my business of selling lakefront properties.  And for that I am additionally thankful.


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Fall “Into” The Finger Lakes



Driving from a client’s property near Hammondsport on Keuka Lake, I felt compelled to stop and take some photos.  I should have stopped more but had to get to another appointment.  As I looked at the photos, it reminded me of the reasons that have made the Finger Lakes area such a destination area in the Fall.  Folks come from near and far for the fall colors and views and of course the wine trails. As you drive down the road on a nice warm day with the windows open, the aromas of the vineyards take over your senses. The visual experience is just as powerful.  It becomes difficult to not stop…you become compelled to stop and saturate your senses.  The colors, the smell, the contrast of the bright blue skies against the autumnal colors in the horizon are all there for you to capture if only in your mind.


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Keuka Lake – Closing for Summer …

Your lakefront realtor mary st george

Morgans Marina at night fall…


The tubes and skis are being cleaned and put away. the temporary docks are being removed and stored for the next season and the boats have been brought over to the marina to rest until next spring when the warmer weather comes rolling back in.  You will still find a few boats tied up to their docks, permanent docks that is. They most likely will belong to the avid fishermen…you know the die hards, the ones that will be out their in the frigid temps, as long as the lake is not iced up.

Barb Cavaluzzi recorded a video of one of the sea planes coming into Morgan’s Marina in Penn Yan NY on Keuka Lake.  Once the marina has all of the boats in, the docks will eventually be pulled up and it will lay barren until spring. This will most likely mean the end of the sea planes until  next spring as well.

Sea Plane docking on Keuka lake

In the fall many will come back to their second homes to take advantage of the chance to use their vacation home here on Keuka Lake for the last time, they will visit some of the wineries and just sit back and enjoy the views.  Nothing wrong with that, especially if you have a nice glass of wine and a dancing fire  to take the chill out of the air.  Speaking of the air, oh my…how fragrant it is this time of year.  The apples and grapes are being harvested and the aroma is undeniably lovely.

So even though it is hard to say goodbye to another wonderful season, there are still a few things that we can look forward to as the seasons change.  There may not be anymore waterskiing to be done, but there will be fresh apples, cider and chestnuts and you may even find someone roasting the chestnuts over an open fire. The wineries are all introducing their new vintages, and many of the cheese makers will be doing their pairings with the wineries.    This is also the time of the year that the locals, the ones that are involved in the seasonal businesses on the lake like myself ( you know – your favorite lakefront real estate agent on Keuka Lake ),  actually have a chance to enjoy the lake and it’s beauty for what it is.    Things are slowing down for us, at least for me with lakefront sales and it gives me time to catch up with some of the other business owners.

Let me know what your favorite activity is in the fall in the Finger Lakes or at least on Keuka Lake. I would love to hear from you !






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Seneca Lake Open House – Sunday September 21st 2014







open houseThe air is getting crisp, the aroma of grapes, apples and other fruits wafts through the air and sweaters are quickly becoming a part of your daily attire.  This is the season for a change in colors, scents  and lifestyle.  Everyone is preparing for the cooler weather and trying to take advantage of the all of the great fall days that are in the offering.  Fall festivals, wine tasting and warming up by a dancing fire complete the day.

Another great activity is viewing lake homes.  Why now?  Considering it takes approximately 60 days to close on a property in New York State once you have an accepted offer.  This puts you in line to enjoy your new vacation home during the holidays enjoying a warming fire and taking in the beautiful quiet and calming views.  Then it is time to make the place yours.  The early winter allows you to think  ahead for spring.  What colors will I use, how and when will we entertain? Will you need more outdoor seating? How about the yard, what and where will you plant for easy gardening?  If the property will be put into a rental program and if so, this is the time to meet with them and finalize last minute details.

The next thing you know it will be Spring and time to open up the windows.  So let us prepare you with a perfect home for either private ownership or to be put into a rental program.  Stop by and visit us on Seneca Lake this Sunday to view an absolutely perfect property. Seneca Lake is of course one of the Finger Lakes and proudly sits in the middle of the Finger Lakes Wine Trail.

4594-LakeviewRD-16 4594-LakeviewRD-22 4594-LakeviewRD-38

You will find a year round vacation home with three separate floors of living.  On the main floor an open kitchen and dining area greets you off of the front door.  The dining area continues out to the spacious deck that overlooks both the yard and vastness of Seneca Lake.  Just off of the dining area you walk into a cozy living area complete with wood stove, the perfect touch to take the chill out of the autumn air.  And when the air is crisp, you can still take advantage of the endless views while relaxing on your enclosed porch. To the left of the front door you enter the master suite, also to beautiful views of Seneca Lake.  Light fills the room preparing you for a fun filled day on the lake. The master suite also includes an area that could be used for an office, a sitting area or even turned into a sizable walk in closet.

4594-LakeviewRD-45 4594-LakeviewRD-5 4594-LakeviewRD-53

Allow yourself to feel like a celebrity here with the privacy created on this spacious lot surrounded by trees.  There is plenty of room to store your vehicles in the 2 bay garage.  Plenty of storage room above in the loft.  Of course it is all about the lake.  You can enjoy the most wondrous views from the open porch of the home, the walk out basement patio, the brand new architect designed deck large enough for its own party or on the spacious dock complete with two covered boat hoists. With 152 feet of waterfront, you have room for all of your water toys and plenty of room to walk into the water to swim or take out the kayaks.  Since Seneca Lake is the deepest, widest and second longest, you can comfortably own the boat of your choice.  Or you can just sit back and watch for the various sailing vessels to pass by as you sip your favorite beverage.

4594-LakeviewRD-19 4594-LakeviewRD-30 4594-LakeviewRD-59


So stop by and see us Sunday 9/21/2014 from 1-3 at 4594 Lakeview Rd Starkey NY 14837 located on beautiful Seneca Lake.  We want to make Lakefront Living Your Reality.  This updated, spacious and private waterfront home is being offered for  $659,900 to serious buyers only exclusively by Mary St.George Associate Real Estate Broker, Nothnagle Realtors, 315-719-8377 [email protected]




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The Top 2 Turnoffs For Buyers…


Pets are wonderful, sweet and most times a significant part of the family. But they can cause odors that make buyers wince and turn the other way.

Dog odors are usually easy to keep to a minimum unless the home is also the place that dogs are bred or wet dogs are allowed in  and out of the house.  If you are thinking about selling your home, there are a couple of things to do if owning a dog.  Insure that the dog is continually washed and groomed.  This will minimize any odors.  Brush  your dogs daily and try to keep the grooming process to a garage or outdoor area.  This will cut down on the hair balls that tend to take over the home overnight.  Check all of their bedding,  wash and clean as needed.  Some dog beds can be filled with cedar inserts to keep down the odors.  If possible remove your pets for showings or keep in a crate for the safety of both the pets and the viewers.

Cat odors can be overpowering and not easily detected by the owners.  If you have cats, ask your realtor for an honest feedback on cat odors.  In some cases, you may actually have to obtain the services of a professional to remove the odors.  This may even involve removing carpets and sometimes furniture.  If a potential buyer walks into a home and is hit with cat odors, they usually do not even want to continue the home tour.  From experience this is so true.  Cats are adorable fluffy creatures but can completely make a home unsellable.  Insure the litter boxes are clean and kept out of the way.  Cat dander is also something that keeps buyers away and the subject for another article.  So if you do not have a cat and are thinking about selling, try to hold off obtaining a cat until you move into your new property. Read the rest of this entry »

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